Saturday, 31 July 2010

Jakarta, The "All in City"

The photo gallery is next to this building. Unfortunately this old historical building are being thrown away , seems that the government doesn't consider this as an "assets"

Last Thursday I had a pretty good time with the boys. There were my primo (this is how you call your firs year, yet he is Indonesian too), Putera and Didit, my friends from junior high school at St. Vincentius. The schedule was a treat from my primo and photo hunting with the others. He treated me and my friends because he knew all the things about UWCAd from Putra - I asked Putera to tell all of his juniors about this scholarship. Then here he goes, this Christian becomes my primo for the next one year! CONGRATS! First we went to Pasar Baru, a market which sells fabric as the major, full of Indians. There is this delicious Noodles Depot call ABUN you should really try! We also saw a photo show "14 World Heritage in Italy" which coincidentally was held at the same time when we were there. And there you see, my primo is getting excited!

Verona - I've been there. Very very beautiful! Am coming again this year.

Naples / Napoli. Pretty much reminds me of my Project Week, the most cultural one! I think I have the pictures of those statues too taken by myself.

Primo getting excited to explore the country where he is going to spend his life for the next two years. Congratulation, Prim!

This is where we went for photo hunting. There's a biggest piazza in Jakarta. That building used to be Governor's Office under the Dutch Colony. Well for this kind of heritage, should pretty much thanks the Dutch once.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Beautiful Details on Earth

One thing that amazed me is the detail of every single wayang. Imagine that there is hundreds of wayang in that Museum and they have distinctive clothes based on their characters and personalities. I saw this family tree and they have about 5 layers each has about 15-30 family member. Brilliant, brilliant!

Wayang Kulit, puppet shadow =) Originally Indonesian!

Wayang could be stylish too =)

Shining as diamonds!

The family!


Museum of Wayang Indonesia

Last Thursday, I and two of my friends from junior high school (well we still be friends anyway!) went to Museum Wayang in Kota Tua (Old Town), Jakarta. Since I am a newbie on photography, I asked them to go hunting with me so that they could teach me. Then Kota Tua said my friend is one of the facilitated spot for a photographer to get cool pictures. Since there are so many old building that were left under the Dutch colonization. There is a really big piazza in the middle, pretty much looks like somewhere in Europe, with an ex Governor Office as the central of everything.

I love all the photos I took. Since the wayang are so expressive and alive, because they have the same body parts like human - and the genius creators made them look so impressive. I am grateful God has been so good to this country by giving such an incredible heritage like wayang!

"UNESCO designated Wayang Kulit, a shadow puppet theater and the best known of the Indonesian wayang, as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on 7 November 2003. In return of the acknowledgment, UNESCO demanded Indonesia to preserve their heritage"

They represent the diversity in Indonesia

Gatot Kaca, a flying hero. He is the most handsome wayang on earth "__"

Wayang Panakawan being renovated


Semar, the most ridiculous of all

Wayang theatre is considered to be a highlight of Javanese culture. Over the centuries its religious character has increasingly developed into a distinct art form; foreign influences introduced new stories, characters were added, and new refined styles were developed at the courts. There are various types of wayang, but, in Java, the most important is the wayang purwa, which uses kulit (flat cut-outs of painted leather puppets) whose shadows are projected on a large white screen. Wayang purwa makes use of the purwa repertoire: the oldest stories about cosmic events and divine will are represented; the course of events is seen as being predestined, part of a cosmic law. The Javanese word purwa means ‘beginning’ or ‘first’ and derives, probably, from the Sanskrit parwan, a word used to denote the chapter of the Mahabharata.

Although the origins of wayang purwa have been subject to intense scholarly debate in the last part of the Nineteenth and the beginning of the Twentieth centuries, its precise origins remain elusive. Some scholars view the wayang as an ancestor cult, connected with dual organization initiation rites in which young men learned the secrets of the tribe. Wayang is clearly of Javanese origin with animistic features. Originally it was not individuals who were depicted on stage but legendary beings. These mythical figures, represented by the most important puppets, were used to explain the relationship between heaven and the human society; and the origin and the structure of the world. .

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I am not that good of commenting a movie that has a really high imagination. Not that I am afraid but, you are about to comment a movie that was made by a brilliant team -tell me about that! And since I never watched Matrixs and all those James Bonds - to be honest I don't like that kind of movie - call me an outsider! But this movie I absolutely fall in love with. Not only because Joseph Gordon Levitt plays in it - but the idea of the
stories was so bright and Those three main players were amazing
clever. My mom treated me last Friday because I had a wisdom teeth pulled-out the day after.
And, when I was watching the movie
I keep guessing and guessing what the hell is this movie that I got it really hard to understand the story till it came to the part that Ariadne joined the team. The movie was heart-beating! Like everything was so out of ordinary people's mind. The back sound was supporting too. Iremember the formula that can make them feel everything that happened in the dream was so real. The expression of all the actors Leo! How dare you pointing out my Gordon? =)
on that part was so real, gave me shiver!
I realized one thing that Ellen Page is sucha
little girl, still. She would suit more to play on Disney Movies or things like Juno. But I am pretty sure she would be the next Anne Hathaway in the future! Also the part when they ran out of time and Arthur was in that all slow motion act! It was amusing! Even tho I don't really like Marion C because she acted there like a complete weak and psycho woman. But that shows that her acting was really good! She went so into the character! Overall the stories was really good. MY MIND WAS SO INCEPTED MY INCEPTION FOR THESE FIVE DAY!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

It's really hard to close these eyes
But I have to sleep, I must
Since Saturday I already have appointment with the doctor
at 8 o'clock to take all this wisdom
May the force be with me
Good night!

Kawaii Andrea

I've been holding this post such a long time since I just don't have enough time to specially blogging. Those people on the photos are My Grandma and Andrea. My Grandma just had her birthday on 20th and Andrea on 10th, so they celebrated together kind of. I ANNOUNCE THAT ANDREA is MY FAVORITE BABY GIRL ON EARTH :-) This cute little girl just successfully steals my heart, since I like kids so much. She is 3, the zupa youngest one in family, the least younger is 10. I just love her.

p.s: Sorry for the uber small photos because I recently get bored to wait for ages if upload the grande ones.

Here is our zoo/inland/jungle

Those pictures on the previous post haven't really shown you how "zoo-ish" our house is. Well, you can also consider it as an inland or a jungle - since a lot of ancient wooden sculptures inside.I found it great that one candle could make a really great effect! Those pictures seem so alive and expressive. All these pictures above are from the different part of the room.

This is absolutely my favorite, i took it once and it was awesome. The color of the elephant is so bright. And also it an Indonesian elephant from Lampung, a region in Sumatera Island.

That sclupture is an Irian. My dad brought it during his report there. Irian Jaya, the one on the border with Papua New Guinea, has so many cool crafting sculptures, one of the best in the world.

This spot is definitely my biggest inspiration.

This naked woman comes from Kalimantan or people know it as Borneo. Kalimantan and Borneo are the same. But, Borneo is in Dutch I guess, but still both belong to Indonesia.

I remember that I used to ride that turtle around the house when I was 5 or sumtin. FYI, its eyes are actualy marbles - and I always tried to take it out, but never succeed.

The miniature of Phinisi boat. The boat that the Bugis people used to fight against the Dutch during the colonialism.

That little black miniature is a bull, (from a dialect Jawa, banthèng), Bos javanicus. And a little cupid and a wooden bowl.

p.s: Well by this post I also want to say that the increase of the electricity base fare would be sensible if it is followed with an improvement in quality. No wonder if people against it, if we have to wait for 6 hours to get lighted. Imagine, 6 hours how many products have been wasted and stopped? On me, I take the best of it. But, please PLN next time, don't let the Indonesian doubly suffer by you.

Black Out Yields Creativity

This is how the Indonesian farmers look like. Brown skin, pretty old and wearing that famous cap.

Well, I said pretty old, because the youngsters aren't interested on doing field.

Twenty minutes ago, our house just recovered from blackout. Well, it is as bazaar as earthquake, because it happens quite often. It was for about 6 hours since 12 something until 18.30 - pretty long. Once, or twice it was on then off again and it damaged our tv and lamps, because the color changed dramatically screened.
Then, the house became so hot - since the candles had been lighted since 17.30 - the air cons were all of!! I became like a worm that was burnt by the sun. I went back forth from my parents' room then outside. Whenever I walked from my mom's to the living room, on the left there is this guess room that full of ethnic thingies, and there was one candle to light all the room, then I was thinking it looked pretty magical yet mystic. Then - a girl like me - won't let a moment just pass away. I grabbed my Canon and captures lots of picture around that room. I just realized that we have pretty a lot of "animals" inside the house.


Well, that's one is me. That mirror is actually so beautiful.

Kasuari Birds, from Irian Jaya and that (I think) Thai elephant. Wait, don't think we are animal hunters! Not at all. I am a big fan of PETA. Those stuffs were my grandpa's they were there since before PETA existed. We as family, just preserve it. And since we have it already, none of us is going to do the same thing ;-)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day Two, Ciao Bella!

1. I haven't been doing my hobbies with tumblr and Blog since my parents warned me to do my Extended Essay everyday (It was a warning, tell me about it so I was stuck in the study room sitting and thinking). Not that I am not responsible, but they are just too care about me and all these summer assignments. Well, I am so proud and glad to have parents like that - a really figure!

2. Let me just finish posting the stories behind our social activity, because many people already asked me about it. And I feel guilt if I don't post it.

3. So, scroll go and I will tell you!

Day two was the presentation's day. So there were 4 people who made presentations about the colleges specifically about the country and its culture. I made the one about United World College in the Power Point Presentation, then my co-year Hadyan, the genius made the one about Atlantic College, my third year Lidya made the one about South East Asia College, Trisy my zera made the one about Mastricht and my second year from Li Po Chun Junius. It was all went well. I don't really know about the other classes, because we did the presentation at the same time for the 3 classes, beside Hadyan's that genius from Atlantic College (talking about left and right brains) made such a really cool presentation on a poster! Thumbs up!

That genius with his grande presentation.

Well, on me, about Adriatic college it succeed! The kids were so into it. Telling them about Pasta, Pizza, Gelato, Ferrari, Ciao Bella, Bata, Coloseum, Venice, Rome and Juliet, Berlusconi ;-), Ciao Mama, Dante, Boticelli, Lamborgini, Canavaro, Coco, Nesta .... INFINITY! But it was fun, I tried to talk in Italian with a distinctive accent think that the kids like it. They said " Ciao Bella! Pronto! Numero UNO", it made my day.

Kevin, the one in the middle told me that all the things that I told about Italians, applied to me; talking with hands and to be passionate! I was already before I was there xP

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hallu My Kids, be quiet please

Hello, long time no post! After the Final of World Cup 2010. early in the morninh I had to leave house at 6 in the morning which night I didn't sleep. From Monday to Wednesday, the UWC Indonesian students had our Social Activity, with the kids from Yayasan The Master (Masjid Terminal), do you know what Masjid Terminal is? I'm sure you don't. It is Mosque and Station. So this informal school located at the back of Depok Station. Can you just imagine, they must be struggling to study! Despite the classes that are only separated with a tiny wall made from bamboo, the pollution and noisy sounds from the buses bother them everyday.

We are in front of The National Committee Office.

We left from Tendean, whose National Committee's office is there. There were 10 of us, from zero to third year - complete! From Pearson, Adriatic, Atlantic, Costa Rica, South East Asia, Mastricht, Li Po Chun, Mahindra, and Armand Hammer College. Immediately, after arriving there we introduced ourselves to three classes that we were about to teach. Well,I have the responsibility to introduce who we were as the current president of UWC Indonesia, replacing Kak Junius. Our social activity aims are raising awareness how important English is and motivate them to study continuously to face the future.

"Hello, Kids, we are the students from United World Colleges"

The first project was making a wishes list or goals. We gave them pieces of post it, then they had to write thing that they want to achieve by the end of the year. We basically said it was important to set goal, so that we'll be always on the track. I was so touched to see their goals.

" I want to help my parents"
"I want to be a doctor"
"I want to get a scholarship in Singapore"
"I want to be a solider"
"I want to be a nice kid"

Distributing the paper

After that we continued pretty much with learning English, we kept emphasizing that it was so important to learn English, and told them that English was one of the thing that brought us to study in United World Colleges. Also we told them how broad English was. They are so many English speakers with their own accents.

One of the poster about their goals. Picture of my co-year, Dea who studies in UWC Costa Rica.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

My Indonesia

Haven't really been in the mood of uploading good stuffs. Well, this one that I'm uploading isn't a bad stuffs tho - but I'm trying to figure out how it's working if I am uploading videos on my blog. This video is about Indonesia! It was selcted as the national campaign with its title "My Indonesia, Just A Smile Away". I know that my country is really famous with its friendly and warm people. We are just so welcomed. Every of foreigners/artists always answer things that they like about Indonesia: 1. The people
2. The culture
It's really nice. It is as good as the Visit Indonesia 208. I can say this one says more, because it has song, and the singer is a "go international" Indonesian singer named Sherina. Just enjoy, if you want to know about this 4th biggest and very interesting yet beautiful country!

Some Amusing facts about this country:

1.Indonesia is home to 35cm miniature deer, fish that climb trees to catch insects and spiders that catch and devour small birds in giant web.
Ape-man...Java is one of the earliest places in the world where ape-man lived. The skull of an ape-man who lived at a time when most of Europe was under ice was discovered here - aw cutee!
. Indonesia An ethnological goldmine...the variety of ethnic groups is unparalleled anywhere else in the world (316 ethnic groups).
These were just a few interesting facts about Indonesia. There remains much more to be discovered and explored in this place
Indonesia is now the world's third-largest democracy, the world's largest archipelagic state

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A Bit of Me

I went to Brightspot with these clothes. The reason is simple, because I just want to be and feel relaxed. One shoulder, short and sandals. I had a day yesterday - arrived home at 2 in the morning. My boyfriend also had a chance to visit me at 1, which was crazy and unpredictable!

Photos by Steven and me

Travel Around Jakarta Less Than an Hour

JAKARTA izz big. True! Yesterday, still yesterday - seems there's a lot of story about yesterday. Woosh. So, after Brightspot I went back home, when I just arrived by taxi my mom told me that she was leaving to Santika Hotel, to meet my family - which is in Central of Jakarta. So, that day I went crazy for Jakarta, I just TRAVELLED from center-east-center. But, I love to see Jakarta at night. Especially the light and it's no longer crowded, well some part still but not like in the afternoon after office hours. And I already have this baby SLR with me - I am eager to take picture. The quality isn't that good because I took it from inside the car - but you'll see...

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