Sunday, 23 January 2011

She and He

I created new album in my Facebook "She and He" two days ago on Friday, right after I finished my photography class. The purpose is to upload any kind of planned photos session that I had or will have with people. It was one of the most interesting class ever, first time to use the light studio. Before heading to the light studio, our teacher Max, gave us a basic information about how the light works. For example we had to make sure that the angle of the light and the object is 45 degree steep. And if we play with the low light, a good composition would show a little triangle below the eye. With three lights, it will give such a sparking white background at the back. Here I uploaded the selected photos that I took - however Photoshop is needed to make the pictures even stunning (self reality check!). The models in these pictures are Vladimir and Rosalba.

This is a mix of low light composition and Adobe Photoshop to give such a shinning effect at the back of the object

Forget to tell you, she is Rosalba, comes from Basilicata, Southern Italy. A friend of mine from the college. She just did her haircut. She looks so sexy with it.

This is my favorite photo of her over all. Her expression is so playful plus there is this little triangle under her right eye. The picture looks deep.

He is Vladimir (Vouva) from Russia. I asked him to do this pose, and the result was spectacular.

He smiles with his eyes. And see that light in the left side, it makes it even lively.

I think this photo is too bright. However I liked his transparent eyes that he gave here.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Italians are generous in their words

I want to share it with you all, my favorite Italian song. The title is Per te by Lorenzo Jovanotti. The melody sounds simple but the lyrics are extraordinary. I gave the translation in English, however it does not sound as sweet as it is in Italian. Well for me, all the English words have been ameliorated since I often hear them. Also the word in itself is so powerful, for example orange is aranciata (aranci-ahta) and fresh is fresca (freska) - it has a really good ending sound. In reality they are also generous, whoever the people are, no matter how they look like it is just so easy for them to say "Ciao Cara, Bella, Caro, Bello" which is similar to sweetheart, beutiful, handsome. This is what make people feel very welcomed and surounded by its lively culture, the people their language, words, passion - I love this country!

È per te che sono verdi gli alberi
/It's for you that the trees are green
e rosa i fiocchi in maternità/and the pink ribbons on maternity leave
è per te che il sole brucia a luglio/is for you that the sun burns in July
è per te tutta questa città/is for you the whole city
è per te che sono bianchi i muri/is for you that the walls are white
e la colomba vola/and the dove flies
è per te il 13 dicembre/December 13 is for you
è per te la campanella a scuola/is for you the bell at school
è per te ogni cosa che c'è ninna na ninna e.../is for you everything you need ninna ninna na e. ..

è per te che a volte piove a giugno/is for you that sometimes it rains in June
è per te il sorriso degli umani/is for you the smile of human
è per te un'aranciata fresca/fresh orange drink is for you
è per te lo scodinzolo dei cani/is for you wags the dog
è per te il colore delle foglie/for you is the color of the leaves
la forma strana della nuvole/the strange shape of the clouds
è per te il succo delle mele/is for you the juice of apples
è per te il rosso delle fragole/is for you the red of strawberries
è per te ogni cosa che c'è ninna na ninna e.../is for you everything you need ninna ninna na e. ..

è per te il profumo delle stelle/is the perfume of the stars for you
è per te il miele e la farina/is for you honey and flour
è per te il sabato nel centro/is for you on Saturday in the center
le otto di mattina/eight in the morning
è per te la voce dei cantanti/is for you the voice of the singers
la penna dei poeti/the pen of the poets
è per te una maglietta a righe/is for you a striped T-shirt
è per te la chiave dei segreti/is the key to the secrets for you
è per te ogni cosa che c'è ninna na ninna e.../is for you everything you need ninna ninna na e. .

è per te il dubbio e la certezza /is for you doubt and certainty
la forza e la dolcezza/the strength and sweetness
è per te che il mare sa di sale/is for you to know that the sea salt
è per te la notte di natale /is for you the night of Christmas
è per te ogni cosa che c'è ninna ninna na e. .. /is for you everything you need

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Day 1: Cilacap

The village is famous for its stones.

This is how it looks, when the fishermen's boats anchored

Nusa Kambangan Island lays there

Anticipated the boats of being sailed away by the wind

A fisherman that wanted me to take his picture

These are the pictures from our trip, first day. All located in Cilacap, Center Java. Nothing much, because the beach is typical kind of fishermen port, so it was not really touristic, the wave was calm rather than interesting. We thought it was a inclusive beach from google . From the beach side, you could see Nusa Kambangan Island, an Island where "The Alcatraz" belongs to, Indonesia's Alcatraz. In the colonial time, the island was used by the Dutch to prison the locals. And now, the GOI uses it to jail crime doers. Some Indonesia's number one crimes are there, and also the son of the former Indonesian's President, Soeharto. After Cilacap we went to a village Magelang and celebrated new year's s eve there. I just knew that every new years they hold a wayng performenace in Borobudur Temple. It was beautiful.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sayonara 2010, Ciao 2011

I am home, just went back from a trip to Jogjakarta and managed to visit a village that was destroyed by Merapi Mountain eruption. And first of all HAPPY NEW YEARS ALL! 2011 YEAR OF HOPE!

Dear 2011, you better be a kick-ass year, because 2010 sucked and we're all dying in 2012 anyway.

I found that eye-catching text on twitter, it really got my attention. It's funny how sometimes random words can express your feeling. I really wish that 2011 would be that kick ass year. 2010 did not suck, it is so mean saying a year sucked, however I had such a unforgettable moment in 2010, some were good mainly fine. But for the full five months, January to May - it was full of "fell in love and broken hearted", at the same time ridiculous. It was sad.
And again, I found this tweet Retweet if in 2010 you said "i love you" and you meant it - it was because of this, I meant it.

I would love to highlight 2010. Thanks to my camera that captured all moments in 2010 - I could not remember all, but seeing all my photos archives, they invited all the feeling that I had a bout a memory. Compared to 2009, 2010 went smooth but it did not really had a climax, for example in 2009 I knew that I was accepted to UWCAd, winning some debate competitions and getting so many awards. But, I am thankful for everything that had happened in 2010, it made me who I am now - and there are always lessons to learn.


First time snow and new year in Europe. I spent my night in Frankfurt am Mainz bridge seeing spectacular fireworks, unfortunately alone =) But it was not a big deal, enjoying how the sky was brightly lighted and had a good time with my new SLR camera was more than a pleasure for me.


Project Week. It was wawsome. I got my first choice to go to NAPLES. Who believed, I went there. I got to know so many new people, that I would never excepted would get closer to them if we were not in the same project week. And Naples was stunning. We went to so many cultural visits places and yet did social activities and presentations. I managed to go to Pompeii, Sorento, and Vesuvio Mountain - this is the coolest, I remember a year before we discussed it in our Geography class, who knew the year after I stepped my feet there, climbed its top and saw its crater. We rent a taxi to go to Vesusuvio and the taxi driver said "Naples is a beautiful girl in a dirty dress" - and it was so right, and I definitely want to get back someday!

Cultural Visit to Verona. The feeling was quite the same with Naples, been to the place where the famous Romeo and Juliette happened. Visited Juliette's house, but did not manage to take a picture touching Giulietta's breast - simply because there were so many objects that were worth taken. Verona itself is so romantic, the piazza, the Colosseum that it has and how the tourists made it alive. I am so in for the next cultural visit to Verona in upcoming February!


Pizza time. I now know how to make pizza. Thanks for the kind guide of my secondo from Sardegna, Alessio. This is a kind of experience that you would tell to your kids and grandchildren that a Sardinian taught you how to make a pizza and you would like to make one for them. I love pizza!


Biking to Grado. It was an 80 km trip, we went for the Easter Long Weekend, very adventurous and challenging. I used to bike a lot, but was not until 80 km. What I felt after the trip was a real pain in the ass, I finally knew how it felt. So that next time when I want to say this phrase out, I become more careful, it hurts!

MUN. It was pretty monumental. Because I was the one who organized it. Managed to meet in person with the President of the college and had a little discussion, then designed the certificates and became the representative of Bolivia but wore a Peruvian national costume everyday. What a cool week!


May is a sad month, pretty hard breaking. You know, realizing that it was the time to say goodbye to some people, your second years. Especially those who you are really close with. And yeah the guy, the guy whom I said I loved him and I meant it, nearby the the bus stop in the Piazza. However, we, first years still tried to make it memorable, by doing some performance for them. My friends and I did a "Big Spender" dance, for them. It was tough for me, performing in front of someone that I really liked and had to be not nervous. But, I was excited for May, because I went back home after a long year studying abroad.

We also had to say goodbye to our English teacher and the current English class, because no one could guarantee that we would be in the same class. And yeah, not all of us are in the same class. But getting a new real "English" teacher, who is a very UWC person and always has lots of stories to tell you and some words to motivate you, paid it all!


I smelled summer. After meeting family, the most exciting part is meeting your high school friends. All of my friends back home had graduated from high school , it was a big celebration for them, while for me it had to be celebrated because I made it a year to be away from home with all the homesick and adaptation matters. So, me and my best-friends some months before had decided to go to Bali. Bali was wonderful, you don't need to hear so many words from me to say how beautiful it was. It is always an Island that I would always love to go.


It's family time. I went to some places with my major family members (my mom, dad and brothers) and the "big family" members. It was always full of people, imagine 36 people went together at the same time. Going somewhere with family is always a precious moment, the cool thing about having family like them is - they are always there to support you!

July was also a UWC Indonesia moment. Doing research on Indonesian's cigarettes demand, meeting with some all my co-years and new primi, being selected as the President of the Students Organisation of UWC Indonesia and dedicated a week for social activity. I am grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me, it has motivated me to do something more than just an academic students. And has trained my leadership sense.


Rommer in summer, way more beautiful than it was in winter!

August was fast, I had to go back to Europe on 18 of August to take care of my permesso . I had to go back to Europe with my unfinished Extended Essay, the fact that I had to say goodbye again to people I love. However, I stayed more than a week in Frankfurt, and explored so many new things about it, and the coolest thing was I finally enjoyed a real European summer, BBQs, summer shopping and involved in my uncle's wedding preparation, what a proud cugina!


The first Open Mike in my first choice residence, Foresteria.

I love September. I love it as I love the song that was sung by my favorite band Earth, Wind and Fire. It is was a beginning. A beginning of everything; academic year, friendship and life as a second year. I picked up so many primi from Venice. This month I went back and forth to Marcopollo airport for like 8 times, I mastered the route from Monfalcone-Venice. September was also a new opportunity for me to be a photographer who took picture of the intro week, thanks for Ieva who offered me the job. In September, we also had a photo session for a calender that the school made about Woman's Right, everybody wore their national costume.

The result of the photo session was prettyful.


The women who are eager to get married. Funny, and so am I (but should be a career woman first)

I was a flower girl, my uncle's wedding in Frankfurt. I was so nervous to enter the church and holding the flower. And it was the first wedding that I really prepared for, because it was my close family member. But I lost my favorite glasses when I helped decorating the day before, it was my favorite glasses all time. I need to be careful next time.

La Barcolana. I went there to hunt some photos, I thought it would be great if I could send it to some newspaper back home, but the first time I showed my dad and he told me that my photos were not good enough, but I learned how to report an event next time.

The piazza where the movie "La Vita e bella" was taken place

Arezzo. I was also delegated to attend a conference in Arezzo, about Africa and EU. Arezzo was beautiful, typical Tuscan city. It was a conference in Italian, gained so much knowledge from it. Beside from the conference, the trip to Arezzo was a weekend full of very good Italian food every-time. October was long, I almost went to Florence for the long weekend, but the train did not showed up, or say it that we bought the wrong ticket. I was so sad and disappointed , I should could have gone that time and must have gone however it was, because Florence is a city that I have been dreaming of. I hope I still have a chance to go this year.


It's written "Girl, now you are 19 and you know what it means." Thanks guys that all of really cared about me, but I just can take it as advice.

It's my birthday. So nice to celebrate my birthday with people that you really know that they are your friends and they really meant it for you. I also got a special present from my parents with beautiful wishes from my mom in a packet that they sent me. I also got a new haircut with fringe (which suited me a lot) and went to EE show as Mia Wallace - with that sexy look. I finished my EXTENDED ESSAY!

This group of young actors/actresses did an improved comedy for Indonesia. Love you all!

November was also the month when we raise awareness and got to fundraise money for the victims of the series of bazaar natural disasters in Indonesia. Thanks for all this young people that I live with. Even tough it was the busiest moment when some people applied for early decisions to university and many of us had to take the SAT, we did fundraised some money and everybody did care. Thanks to all these UWCAd's young people!

Really? It has been December again. I am home. Such a relief after a full and occupied term in the college. And you gotta do university applications and therefore it would feel good to be back at home, being surrounded by people who know you really well and would be able to help you 24/7. But, this time to be home was a surprise from my parents, and a gift from God. I had such an intense quality time moment with my mom, dad and brother. Unfortunately I was hospitalized on 28th because I got this nerve problem on my back, I hate hospitals. And yeah we had a family road trip that we always did during December, but had been absent for one year (read: without me), since last year I did not go back home. Thank God, I spent my New Year's eve with my family, again!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL. You should believe that this yea will be a good year, since... It started with 1.1.11. LOL!

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