Sunday, 28 October 2012

Adobe Illustrator: Designs for Menu and Advertisment

These two designs below are my some of the first assignments we did for Graphic Design. We had to make a menu and an ad using Adobe Illustrator. I never knew how to use Adobe Illustrator before until I took this class.  I found the tools in Illustrator are more handy and specified. It is not like Photoshop which allows someone to do more of photo editing. In Illustrator, we could not use it for photo-editing.

The idea of the restaurant is an urban-setting European-fusion cafe. It has to look simple and chic. With the design of the menu, I could definitely see a very cozy monotone architecture with black and white as the colours that dominate the furniture.

The second design is to make an advertisement of an invented-company. As I love creating, designing, writing, my company is a designing company. The idea of the design was inspired by the design for a better life poster (it is on my two previous posts). My professor said it is s really good and attention-getter design. The message is clear.  "We design what you want". The second important thing that has to be appealing is the name of the company, which is ink and print. As we all know, as every company moves toward digital era, all we need is just the website address of the company and its motto -- right below the company name.  The services are the block on the left-top. It is the third message that is wanted to be delivered in the ad.

Using Illustrator is really easy, however there are so many different techniques that can be used for one particular object. It is the role of designer to practice and make themselves comfortable with different tools in Adobe Illustrator.

To Write is to Feel

My life in Waverly, IA, United States is about projects. Project is the term that I use to describe anything I do that is not school related and solely to fulfill my hobby. I have been thinking for such a long time to write a novel. My experience in Italy was more than enough for me to write about it. But I haven't got the big-push yet what to really write about. There were just so many things going on in that two years. There are too many people I met, too many people I like, too many good stories to share -- in a good way.  I do not know what would be the focus of that one. Based on novels I have read so far, in a good love novel, there are only two main characters, the lovers and other supporting characters the ex's lovers, their families and friends.

However though, recently after this summer, I think I got a really break-out inspiration to getting it going. And today, believe it or not, I already got 765 words for the novel. I love creative writing. Sometimes I wish I go to college to just study to be a writer. So that I can just focus on writing. The problem is I have to many interests and hobby and things I want to do in life. It is hard for me to focus now. But, at least I have started today.

This motivation came back again when three weeks ago, I remember what my Bahasa Indonesia teacher in SMA Santa Ursula, Pak Eko, told me that if I want to write a book I have to spend the time at 30 minutes to an hour to do that. And I think I have to start doing it. Plus, I already got a really good characters for the main part of the book.

I already get an abstract about the book. 

"... But, I think you are a character yourself. I do not know whether we are going to meet again near in the future. And this is what makes it more exciting. I will develop my own story and so do you. I hope you are happy now, because I am."

It is basically the reason why this story came up. it is so much influenced by James Patterson's book Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. And I think that is pretty exciting! Who does not love story about strangers, summer vacation, distance? I like those kind of stories. I want to thank my friend too, Dinda Sekar who keep asking me "Why not making an online novel, a book, a short story?" I told her, I have the a note-book that I sometimes write about. but I don't move it yet to an electronic version. I am getting excited.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Remember from my previous post, my friend has asked me to contribute in her super inspiring website Dream Inc? The article is up. I hope it is inspiring enough for everyone to reach out their dreams!

All the best, 

Here is the link for the interview.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Fall Break

I have been having Fall Break since Thursday. It has been busy. I have to catch up with some readings and having myself  a break for a little bit. I've also been working on photos that we did last weekend and a profile about myself for a friend who has a blog about dream (click here to see the blog -- it is inspiring). I will contribute writing about my dreams and how it came true. Will post the edited photos soon! Keep safe and warm everyone!

Kiss and Love, 
Coming up soon!

Yeay! Finally got the "exchanged shoes" from Urban. Size 8 and black!

Before: It was red and the size (9) was too big.

Dream Jobs through Design

Couple months ago, I tumbled upon a really simple yet sophisticated website called R&D Research and Development. I found an eye-catching piece of art that says "A better life through good design". It is not just because it is written on a yellow paper, but the words really gather my attention that good design could make a better life.

We have seen many encouragement words that brings positivity. in posters, banners, and so on. For examples quotes that are put as wallpapers to encourage people to live their lives to the fullest.

example of design for a better day in life : don't look back!

Then, I came up with an idea of my favourite topic to talk about -- my future, especially my future career. Why not making a simple chic list to kind of keep ourselves on track, to remind us our goals, especially when it comes to dream jobs. 

So, I came up with a really simple design that might help people to list what they really want to be in life. It is really simple. I am still using the contrast, repetiton, alignment and proximity principle from my Graphic Design class. Here are the designs: (black and white and pink). Feel free to have one for yourself!

Here are some tips how you can make the list:
1. To make your list more realistic , it is better to list the job that you can see yourself in 5-10 years from now. However, set your dream jobs high!
2. You can fill the list with any kind of jobs you have in mind (but remember, the kind of jobs that you wanted to have when you were a kid and now is not relevant to you major/minor are better opted out). For example, in junior high I wanted to be a doctor, but I realised I am not such a scientific person and afraid of blood. Therefore, I would not list "Doctor" as my dream job.
 3. For aesthetic matter, you might want to group the jobs according to
      - the nature of the job
      - length of the job (for example the longest would be on the top)
      - the hard-reach to easy-reach. 
4. It would be nice to print one and keep this list on your desk, and it will make it a kind of motivator for you. 

Feel free to get a copy of the list by just right-click and save as image.

Here is an example of the full list: (the order is based on the length of the words)

Hope everyone finds the list useful! 

Kiss and Love, 
Rut Nastiti

Thursday, 25 October 2012


She is love crazy and loves living vicariously through other people's love stories. She sincerely wants to find the person that she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with. But unfortunately, she thinks every man that gives her butterflies is that person


Monday, 22 October 2012

Behind Nastilicious

I have been thinking of changing my blog name from Nastilicious to Nash.Nastilicious is a name that I made up myself since I was in 7th grade of junior high school. I remember it was the Friendster period that I want to come up with a name for my album.

 Nowadays, that "Nastilicious" name consists of so many conotations. A year or two ago, I Googled word, "Nastilicious" what I found out was Urban Dictionary defines it as  "Something that is horribly disgusting, but you love it anyway." I know I am lovable, but I am not horribly disgusting! :) 

And that is not me at all, nasty (the other conottation that people usually associate it with).  The name of Nastilicious was actually a combination of my last name and the word "delicious" -- Nastiti + delicious = Nastilicious.I remember my headmaster in high school liked to call my last name with his Canadian accent that sound like "Rut Nasty-ti" -- something like that. 

While Nash is a nickname of my last name - Nastiti. I wish my family name is NASH. Remember Nastiti is not my family name. In our family, we don't have family name. My father name is K. Hartadi, so if I would have a last name is Hartadi or his first name -- but I just don't. This is why I really want to have a last name like Nash! And Nash still sounds playful like Nastilicious too. It even has more energy and positivity -- good for long term branding. 

So what do you guys think? Hit me with comments please!

Kiss and Love

Friday, 12 October 2012

Graphic Design: Audrey Hepburn and Her Words

These are the artworks of my favourite Audrey Hepburn's quotes. I call back a memory from highschool when two years ago a in the middle of our intense conversation about values, cultures and such, a good friend of mine said to me "Rut, you are so prudent". That time I did not know the meaning of prudent and she explained, "You just want to do everything in a very proper and right way, follow the rule, thinking what's ideal. I told her, "Oh, well. So there is nothing wrong about being prudent."

A year after that "prudent talk":, when I heard the word prudent, I always associated it with Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn is always is symbol of fashion, a lady, a humanitarian, happiness, and love. She is a prudent, too.

The design is simple. I tried to follow the basic principle of graphic design, the class I am taking now, which is CRAP principle. Wait, don't think I am not prudent. CRAP stands for contrast, rrepetition, alignment, and proximity. I realized that right-alignment is the most effective alignment, while centered sometimes makes readers more difficult to read. And the "Love, Audrey Hepburn" part is definitely repetition.

Back to Hepburn again. Many of you might not have known that she died from a sort of cancer. While October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, it is important to commemorate those who suffered or survive from cancer, especially Breast Cancer with positive attitudes, words, and encouragement. And all those positivity are shown from my favourite Hepburn's quotes.

Yes, Paris 2013. Montepellier is a good idea too!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Fall Sky Collection

October, I welcome you. Thanks for bringing such wonderful colours to Wartburg. There is nothing much to say about Ocotber; the presidential debate, my father's birthday, Zac Effron's birthday (hey, he was born in 1987 -- fyi: according to Chinese zodiac a 1991-born will make a compatible partner with 1987-born, yes Zac Efron!). And October is the month of Breast cancer awareness too, which I feel personal connection with.

Life in the college has been so smooth, as smooth as the frosting of cupcakes. I already have first-quiz for all my subjects. All the pictures above were taken during my 30 minutes study break for my International Relations class. It was on Tuesday. I could not resist not to take my camera outside to spend 15 minutes to capture the beautiful sky, trees, and leaves.

Fall Sky Collection through my Fish-eyeploration.

It makes a beautiful painting in the sky

Merrangas (Indonesian (n) falling)

Stay strong


Yellow in the sky



Chances are you still very much like him.  Because

#1. You don't even dare to make an eye-contact with him
#2. You don't even dare to say hi to him
#3. You don't even dare to smile to him
#4. You are very much nervous when he is around
#5. You write this.
#6. You regretted that you did not do #1-3.

Why flirting to someone whom I like is very hard? Duh! Does Wartburg offer Flirting 101?
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" -Albert Einstein
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