Thursday, 22 July 2010

Here is our zoo/inland/jungle

Those pictures on the previous post haven't really shown you how "zoo-ish" our house is. Well, you can also consider it as an inland or a jungle - since a lot of ancient wooden sculptures inside.I found it great that one candle could make a really great effect! Those pictures seem so alive and expressive. All these pictures above are from the different part of the room.

This is absolutely my favorite, i took it once and it was awesome. The color of the elephant is so bright. And also it an Indonesian elephant from Lampung, a region in Sumatera Island.

That sclupture is an Irian. My dad brought it during his report there. Irian Jaya, the one on the border with Papua New Guinea, has so many cool crafting sculptures, one of the best in the world.

This spot is definitely my biggest inspiration.

This naked woman comes from Kalimantan or people know it as Borneo. Kalimantan and Borneo are the same. But, Borneo is in Dutch I guess, but still both belong to Indonesia.

I remember that I used to ride that turtle around the house when I was 5 or sumtin. FYI, its eyes are actualy marbles - and I always tried to take it out, but never succeed.

The miniature of Phinisi boat. The boat that the Bugis people used to fight against the Dutch during the colonialism.

That little black miniature is a bull, (from a dialect Jawa, banthèng), Bos javanicus. And a little cupid and a wooden bowl.

p.s: Well by this post I also want to say that the increase of the electricity base fare would be sensible if it is followed with an improvement in quality. No wonder if people against it, if we have to wait for 6 hours to get lighted. Imagine, 6 hours how many products have been wasted and stopped? On me, I take the best of it. But, please PLN next time, don't let the Indonesian doubly suffer by you.

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