Friday, 28 September 2012

Fish-Eye Lens: The Playful Lense

I got my packet today from a camera shop in Brooklyn, NY. It is my fish-eye lens. I was so excited to have it. I also ordered a polaroid camera -- but honestly I want that fish eye more somehow! I opened first and tadaaaa... I was first dissapointed. It's a 46mm!! How the hook it is going to be screwed in to my camera? So I called the seller. He explained me. Apparently, there is an adapter of 58mm lense that I need to attach on the very top of my outer lens! It worked really well. However tho, it does not give the fish-eye effect if you zoom it in too wide, it has to be un-zoomed, or at least don't finish the zooming range. I like the round frame of the lens, however it will be too monotone with less zoom-range variations.

And here are the shoots so far.
p.s: all the photos are tweaked using Photoshop CS5 to make them look oldish like in Lomo fish eye.

Audrey above my head

My sleeping space with 0.0 zoom

The fish-eye effect works well here

My bed-time stories

Netanyahu made it to the headline

My luck in the United States

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

When Words Meet Design

You all know that I a am very visual person yet I love to play with words.I was making my Indonesian Sosro Jasmine Tea when I thought about these words. I really like the strong scent of the teabag. I opened the drawer and it's nicely stung my nose. Right away, I think about parallelism. Something that is parallel with the soft jasmine petals and the sensation  -- one's lips, a kiss. 

The pink colour represents a feminine side of the texts. Blue is a soft colour that is related to emotion, And triangle show the complexity of love. One like the other, the other like another person.

I love to play with my vision, my words, with my imagination.
 Kiss and Love
Rut Nastiti

p.s: this is obviously not the best design I ever made it only took twenty minutes. However, I like to connect my words and visions. 

p.s: Attention-attention, just got  a message from my dad that my parents are on the way to KLIA now to fly back to Indonesia. My mom is in a good condition after her chemotherapy. Thanks all for the prayers and moral supports. We really appreciate :)

Today's Pick 09/18/2012 Two Ways Monoline

Today's weather this morning was cold - it is nice to have a long sleeve clothes. So I picked my favorite top that I found this summer in an H&M store in New York. It only has two colours, grey and black. And let's put yellow as a punch line here.

Kiss and Love, 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Days Without

So I decided to opt out as a Facebook user. I am no longer Facebook user. The decision was made because it is the busiest period in college, Especially with courses I am taking. It all requires reading, online quizzes, homework - Facebook is a huge distraction. And I am easily distracted. And I stalk my crushes a lot on Facebook. So, con te partiro, time to say goodbye. Facebook, I love but I hate you.

p.s: Hello, teman-teman dan pembaca semua. Mohon dukungan solidaritas doa untuk chemo ke-4 my mother. Berhubungan dengan sistem imun, chemo kali ini akan berbeda obat antibitoiknya untuk itu efeknya juga pasti akan beda. She just called me, she was worried too. Mudah-mudahan semua berjalan lancar dan besok sore beliau sudah bisa balik lagi ke Jakarta. Terimakasih, I really appreciate. Kiss and love, Rut

Today's Pick 09/07/2012

Today's weather is pretty chilly. I feel like wearing something warmer - but still with a twist of my favourite items. I always like boy-ish look. It's comfy and leave this impressive accent. My t-shirt is a little bit too classy for an Iowan Private College Lutheran school :) A Nude Beach Life Guard in midwest? Impossible.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

I Still Like You

It's always times like these
When I think of you
And I wonder
If you ever
Think of me

 If I could fall
Into the sky
Do you think time
Would pass me by
'Cause you know I'd walk
A thousand miles
If I hold you
If I could see you

A Thousand Mile, Vanessa Carlton

Saturday, 8 September 2012

September Issue 2012

Reasons why September never was a cloudy day :

1. My brother's birthday (09/02)


2. First day of school as a sophomore (09/06)

Outfit I wore on the first day of school - without the cap's that's Selasi's!

Wartburg's first football match game (09/01)

3. First WRSL consultation of academic year 2012-2013 was by me Rut Nastiti (09/06)

4. My father's graduation (09/08 WIB)

5. My brother's confirmation (09/08 WIB)

6. My first audition and involvement in Theater, I read some Anna in the Tropics in Spanish (09/08)

7. First sophomore party (09/08 Central Time)


8. My grandfather's 79 birthday (09/09) and my birthday is (11/11) haha

Frankfurt Spring 2011

--- list will be continued until the end of September :)

Friday, 7 September 2012


Mr&Mrs M.Si and M.Sc

This post is dedicated to the man I always look up to.
When it comes to my dad it is always personal.
The man whose heart is the kindest.
The man who fights for people's right
The man who pretty much knows everything
The man who has a really good sense of humour
The man who is a leader in the office and in the family
The man who is really humble
The man whose life is about service, humanity, justice and truth
The man who I adore the most,
My dad. 

Congratulation on your graduation, Papa! I'm extremely proud and frustrated at the same time because he graduated his master with 3.7 GPA from University of Indonesia. It is so hard to be your daughter because you have a really high standard for education, I know you want me to get a P.hD degree and I will do what you want -- but that's also because I want it too. And I know you still want to get your P.hD soon! Let's race who is faster.

With Love,
Your daughter

P.S: Now everybody in the family has a master degree (mom&dad), God what am I putting myself into??
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