Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day Two, Ciao Bella!

1. I haven't been doing my hobbies with tumblr and Blog since my parents warned me to do my Extended Essay everyday (It was a warning, tell me about it so I was stuck in the study room sitting and thinking). Not that I am not responsible, but they are just too care about me and all these summer assignments. Well, I am so proud and glad to have parents like that - a really figure!

2. Let me just finish posting the stories behind our social activity, because many people already asked me about it. And I feel guilt if I don't post it.

3. So, scroll go and I will tell you!

Day two was the presentation's day. So there were 4 people who made presentations about the colleges specifically about the country and its culture. I made the one about United World College in the Power Point Presentation, then my co-year Hadyan, the genius made the one about Atlantic College, my third year Lidya made the one about South East Asia College, Trisy my zera made the one about Mastricht and my second year from Li Po Chun Junius. It was all went well. I don't really know about the other classes, because we did the presentation at the same time for the 3 classes, beside Hadyan's that genius from Atlantic College (talking about left and right brains) made such a really cool presentation on a poster! Thumbs up!

That genius with his grande presentation.

Well, on me, about Adriatic college it succeed! The kids were so into it. Telling them about Pasta, Pizza, Gelato, Ferrari, Ciao Bella, Bata, Coloseum, Venice, Rome and Juliet, Berlusconi ;-), Ciao Mama, Dante, Boticelli, Lamborgini, Canavaro, Coco, Nesta .... INFINITY! But it was fun, I tried to talk in Italian with a distinctive accent think that the kids like it. They said " Ciao Bella! Pronto! Numero UNO", it made my day.

Kevin, the one in the middle told me that all the things that I told about Italians, applied to me; talking with hands and to be passionate! I was already before I was there xP

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