Wednesday, 18 September 2013

When I say I love you

When I say I love you...
It's my current conscious state on what I feel about you
My love for you is constantly changing

When I say I love you
It's because you make me feel loved at that time
My love for you is not the type of permanent love

When I say I love you
It's because I don't know if I can love you the day after tomorrow
My love for you is not an everlasting love.

I'm not in that stage yet when I feel someone deserve my genuine and unconditional love

My love to you is the cute type of love. The romantic type of love. Not the "marry me" and "forever" type of love.

Listen to this
I've said I love you before to men
I've said I love you to men and I know it was love. 
I was feeling powerless, appreciated, inspired, respected, moved.

When I said I love you to you, 
I did not feel those ways. 

I don't know about this
I might have thought this was love

But when I said I love you
I might have meant it and 
I might not mean my "I love you"

I never regretted that I said it
Love without meaning is just word

It just means "Please don't leave me alone. We've gone this far..."

Monday, 11 March 2013

This Guy

The guy who does not show any respect
The guy who is not responsible for his action
The guy who misbehaves
The guy who tells lies
The guy who comforts anyone with lies

The guy who has no feeling
The guy who hurts one's feelings
The guy who has no heart
The guy who plays with people's hearts
The guy who has no emotion
The guy who messes up one's emotion

The guy who thinks he is mature
The guy who is hiding everything like a child
The guy who needs to grow up into a man
The guy who needs to figure out what he really wants

The guy who is broken
The guy who needs to be mend
The guy who cannot be fixed

The guy who does not love himself 
The guy who has never been loved before
The guy who needs to learn how to love
The guy who does not deserve to be loved

The guy who needs to apologize
The guy who takes a good girl for granted

The guy who was once meaningful
The guy who is insignificant

The guy who needs a miracle in his life
The guy who will change one day not anytime soon

The guy who came as a lesson
The guy who has been forgiven.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dear Future Boyfriend

Can I be your girlfriend, please?
Because I really like you (at least for now I'm sure)
It is just nice when you like someone
who likes you back and he will spare a little bit of his time with you
If you make me as your girlfriend
I am hoping that you would give at least 15 minutes every day or night just to hug me and give me goodnight kisses and tell me how your day went.
It just makes me feel calm if I know that your day went well and you still want to see me.
I also want to have a healthy lifestyle and not having my heartbeat pounding all the time whenever waiting what you are going to say next and what we are going to do next.
If you make me as your girlfriend I will not text you 24/7 like crazy bitch
Because I will put my trust on you.
I will also support and motivate you (but tell me if you don't need it or you want something else)
I will offer a hand if you could not reach your back because you feel itchy or you just want to be comforted
I will not ask you to cuddle or nap with me every night because that means I will accept you the way you are and I will let you be what you want to be.
My point is by doing this makes me happy and I'm not trying to hide anything and act like a child.
This is my proposal.
What do you think?

I Have a Thing For

curly hair
guys in uniform
basketball players
tall guys

Sunday, 6 January 2013

That Guy

The guy who has not fully grown into a man
The guy who runs on track
The guy who has a passion for nano technology
The guy who goes to the gym
The guy who studies Biology
The guy who got my first appreciation letter
The guy who said he loves me on Valentine's Day
The guy who said I'm beautiful
The guy who can read my rhythm
The guy whom I celebrated my 21st birthday with
The guy who shares the same dreams with me
The guy with the blue eyes
The guy who held my hand around National Monument
The guy who marched on 4th of July
The guy who drives white truck
The guy from a subway in New York City
The guy from a club in DC
The guy who is a Republican
The guy who wanted my affection
The guy who dated me for popularity
The guy who knows I am shy
The guy who knows where to touch
The guy who made me believe the perfect guy exists
The guy who I met in Rome
The guy who was nervous
The guy who had a girlfriend when I was into him
The guy who plays guitar and sings
The guy who treats me like a sister
The guy who makes me feel stupid
The guy who brag too much about himself in one night
The guy who said likes my style
The guy who did and did not make plans with me
The guy who flirted on Twitter
The guy who is a good writer
The guy who speaks German
The guy who said I have nice wide shoulders
The guy whom I thought was my first love
The guy whom I spent the afternoon with under the Eiffel tower
The guy who tried too much to impress me
The guy who keeps me writing
The guy who really likes m
The guy who I loved and loved me
The guy who don't know I wrote about them

The guy I haven't met yet

Lucky are those guys who made it to this poem.

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