Thursday, 22 July 2010

Black Out Yields Creativity

This is how the Indonesian farmers look like. Brown skin, pretty old and wearing that famous cap.

Well, I said pretty old, because the youngsters aren't interested on doing field.

Twenty minutes ago, our house just recovered from blackout. Well, it is as bazaar as earthquake, because it happens quite often. It was for about 6 hours since 12 something until 18.30 - pretty long. Once, or twice it was on then off again and it damaged our tv and lamps, because the color changed dramatically screened.
Then, the house became so hot - since the candles had been lighted since 17.30 - the air cons were all of!! I became like a worm that was burnt by the sun. I went back forth from my parents' room then outside. Whenever I walked from my mom's to the living room, on the left there is this guess room that full of ethnic thingies, and there was one candle to light all the room, then I was thinking it looked pretty magical yet mystic. Then - a girl like me - won't let a moment just pass away. I grabbed my Canon and captures lots of picture around that room. I just realized that we have pretty a lot of "animals" inside the house.


Well, that's one is me. That mirror is actually so beautiful.

Kasuari Birds, from Irian Jaya and that (I think) Thai elephant. Wait, don't think we are animal hunters! Not at all. I am a big fan of PETA. Those stuffs were my grandpa's they were there since before PETA existed. We as family, just preserve it. And since we have it already, none of us is going to do the same thing ;-)

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  1. I like how a candle light everything.


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