Monday, 28 June 2010

Meet up with my ups&downs Debate Team

I, Olga and Retha

English debate is one of the thing that brought me abroad so far. I still remember, at the first time I entered that all girl school, daddy told me to join English debate club. He basically said - it's a way to keep myself update, critical and practice my English. Even that I had to go home at 12.45 on Saturdays, while the other at 11.15 or less, don't really remember. But yeah, what daddy said was true. I won some competitions with my favorite team ever, I as the second speaker, Retha as first speaker and Olga as the third. We've been through so many ups and down moments together, since how difficult it was to get a permission from our strictly straight headmistress, walking home very late, till the last which could have been the one that brought us to a national level winner - a walked out. We were already octo-finalists! The competition was in the best national university: University of Indonesia at the Faculty of Law, where I really want(ed) to go after graduating from high school (If I were still in Santa Ursuala) But because of that ineffective, slow, screwed, unorganised and super lame Indonesian train that brought us - we were late and it was over.

"On the point Ma'am"

You guys are the best and always be my favorite! Love you

They used to say that I have that strong British accent while I was debating, man now I am in a complete opposite pole!

Wishing ourselves the best for our future!

Well then, it wasn't meant to be. A week later, I got a phone call that I was accepted for UWC, which was such a joyful news for a broken hearted. Now, Olga is going to study at Parahyangan University in Bandung and Retha is going to Sunway University. We are all happy and "case building" our future in our own places.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

I Met My Cousins

So just you know, Jakarta isn't that big. My Biology teacher who went to Jakarta once said that, that's a big city. It's true it's a megapolitan city, the New York of Asia. But, for us who have been living there for some periods of time think that it's too small and overloaded. You meet people whom you know every single day, people who are Jakartans. Like yesterday when I went to the mall named Senayan City, I met my cousins all of the sudden, Angela and Kevin. The funny part was she said she saw me holding my SLR so she asked me to take a picture of her friend and after that with me. And when our picture were taken, there were this random guys passing and stoppin', they thought we were having such a great time with the photo taking, and we said "You can go first" - then it's all captured at the second picture.

Well I am home. Have to adjust again spending weekend in malls. I don't really like it tough. I went to mall if there is a significant purpose like watching movies, eating or shopping. I love walking along Trieste, in the open air. Or just walk to Sistiana Beach having an ice cream from a lateria in Duino. I think it's more down to earth and close to nature.

By the way, she is my cousin who is going to study in UK this August. We'll be closer. Even tho I don't have a British visa to go there, but we are meeting in Frankfurt, attending my uncle's wedding on September. Seems we are going to have a lot of fun with my SLR there yeahs!

My Sad-Happy Ending Love Story not Based from a Movie

It's not time to beg people their attention or sympathy about my love story. No, it's not. I'm just re-telling this story because I think it's sweet and it's real! It's not like the love story that you see in the movie, and they live happily ever after! Uh-uh, no! My love story is authentic, I am the producer. I was thinking that people made movie because they couldn't plan their life in a way that they want to. They have this love story, they broke up, but this man doesn't want to see what is real then using their imagination they put it into a film and yeah, again I'm forced to say at the end - They life happily ever after!

But not with mine. So I sent this man a letter ( gosh, this was insane - i always be the one who was asked, who answered, who took the control), to be honest I am a shy. I don't know why it was a letter, I guess because I love writting, it's the only way I can think "carefully". The letter was about, you are this distinction man, oh how I love to see you and all. For the first three weeks or less I kept it my self. I didn't tell best friends, roommate or people who I can trust. Because I consciously know it's crazy, it's out of somebody mine and I, myself felt retarded for a period of time about that freaking more than one thousand words love letter.

I actually not this kind of girl who can contain her feeling by herself. Then, after 3 weeks keeping it my self, first I told my bestfriend, and she said I were crazy, but she loves the letter. Then come my roomates and my secondi. They basically said it was so adorable. So, here is the story, I sent this to all my close friends in UWC to update them - I changed the name - so I won't be obvious...

Goosh! I finally cried like hell it was about 6.30 - so after I went to Ples carrying my yearbook, because I wanted him to write something for me. They were taking picture at Ples balcony. After they finished he stopped in front of me and said "Hello.." after that "Hi, do you want to write something on my yearbook?" I don't remember he said something like "What gotta do.. What to do..." I wasn't listening so well. At that time I was carrying my diary, when I was giving it to him it was shown, he was sort of taking my diary, he thought maybe it had something to do with writing. Then I went to Earth's room to give the diary, then Sne shouted Rut He wrote it. Then we went back to Fore, and in the Piazza it was so full - I was surprised that I hear he was about to leave and then something happened xxxx . THEN he ran somewhere, I heard some people said that xxxxx. Then I suddenly cried I went back to my room and cried than I met Ligia then I cried with her than, because I was so loud Sne came. Then Sne asked, why the hell I cried - I was so sad. Then no he hasn't left yet, I just went from Ples, he was xxxx. He is leaving soon, you should catch him, said goodbye. I was trembling like hell. Then I went to Piazza with all my laziness and optimistically go front go back and yeah I managed to go to Mickey. I was just standing hmm about a meter behind him as you know, I was so fucking sad and nervous. Then people were hugging him, and I still couldn't move. A minute before the bus came, he was kind of heading to Mickey and said to random people "Do you guys want ice cream, I'll go and grab ice cream" but not to me. When he was heading, then the bus came, somebody was hugging him and I still didn't, when after xxxx did, I did, I hugged him and said " I LOVE YOU xxxx" and I think he said something like take care, but I didn't hear again, then yeah. wooooooooooooooo God! And yeah I just saw him in the bus from outside. Then we walked back to Fore I cried again and Sne told me that, he said "We'll see each other" I don't remember, but I was so happy tough. I never said, I love you before to a man, not even my ex boyfriend. And yeah Ilana, I decided to bring his pants back home, but I couldn't find the basketball costume = ) Hate it! I will fix it latter. And you know what he wrote me ... "Rut you are an amazing person, keep doing what you are doing, I have to write this really fast because I got a flight to catch" HIM. Oh, it's the end! But I am so happy and I didn't regret anything that I did, even to send the letter, that was cool actually, because it was kind of a summary how I think about him if I could have spent time with him and be friends. And I regret something that I didn't manage to take picture with all the xxx, because I was once at Mensa and saying how if we took a picture of the xxxx and it would be nice for our website and public relation. But I just didn't give a shit because i thought it was just chewing a rack. Otherwise, I could have had his pictures. And Sne told me maybe I was just to shy, because I missed a lot of things and chances. But guys thank you so much, without you I might not have told him that I l was the one who wrote the letter and my feeling toward him. I will be missing our laughter, craziness, jokes and all. I hope you have a really great summer. ♥ Rut xxxxxxxxxxxx

This is the reality. That the guys you craved for didn't say I LOVE YOU back nor kiss you on the lips, but he did say "We'll see each other" which was a really nice reply from someone who just knew somebody was crazy about him two days before he left. This what make life different with movies. The ending wasn't like in the Notebook, the guy replied the letter then say "IT'S NOT OVER" then they made love - no, it's not! The ending was, he did read the letter, and maybe he already threw it to the rubbish bin.

Well I don't know what to say anymore. But all this reality really made me grown up! I used to be so childish and think that love is the boy who had to move first, I will always be in the position who say Yes/No (which I probably still think like that) - but I think I'm changing. Again, talking about the ending, I don't live happily ever after with him, but it was fine, that's life, that's reality not MOVIE!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The story was retold!

It's about my cut into pieces love story with someone that I really liked, for the last 4 months in my college, But he is gone, graduated clearly. Really wanna share what I told to all my best friends, from secondary school and high school about how I say I LOVE YOU for the first time with all the means of what I LOVE YOU is. Again. when I told them 1 until 2 from 9 were dropping their tears for my sad ending story, I couldn't say it sad tho, it was a relieving feeling. But time is showing 1:24 now, and I really have to go to bed. I just went watching Toy Story 3 - Oh, how I always love this movie, it's adorable! Well, but one thing that I can say about love now, it's an utter bullshit if your love story could be exactly like the one in the movie! I will explain you why, maybe tomorrow. I love Woody in Toy Story! I had the doll toy of him! I still have it, but it was not with me anymore, I left it in my previous house. Woody is a man of principle! He is this kind of actor who always be the hero. Well, really it's 1:30 gotta go to bed!

Menikmati Pantai dan Gua di Pacitan

Wow, I found this! The article that I wrote 5 years ago when I was in Junior High School. Basiacally my Bahasa Indonesia teacher announced to us if there any of us who could made an article and made it published in a journal (could be magazine and all) we would get a extra mark, the highest one in our report. And I made it, I got 9 for my Bahasa Indonesia subject, from the maximum 10. Love it!

Rut Setio Nastiti

“Selamat Datang di Pacitan, Kota Seribu Gua” tulisan itulah yang menyambut kami ketika memasuki Kecamatan Punung, Kabupatan Pacitan, Jawa Timur, dari arah Solo.
Kabupaten Pacitan memang memiliki banyak gua, karena wilayah ini memang terletak di kawasan pegunungan kapur. Menurut penuturan penduduk, pada zaman penjajahan Jepang, gua-gua itu dijadikan tempat persembunyian para pejuang dan pelarian. Selain itu, banyak di antara gua-gua ini yang dijadikan persembunyian para gerilyawan melawan Belanda.
Berbagai objek wisata alam di Pacitan ini letaknya berjauhan, sehingga kalau ingin menjelajahi kabupaten ini kita memerlukan kendaraan. Objek wisata yang paling dekat dengan Kota Pacitan adalah Pantai Teleng Ria yang berada di timur kota.
Pantai Teleng Ria masih alami dan sepi, dan hotel belum banyak di kawasan ini. Satu-satunya hotel, lebih tepat disebut losmen, adalah Happy Bay Beach Bungalow, yang bangunannya langsung menghadap ke pantai. Hotel ini berjarak sekitar 300 meter dari bibir pantai. Sementara hotel-hotel lain berada di kota Pacitan, yang berjarak sekitar 2 km dari pantai.
Selain paling dekat dengan pantai, tarif hotel kecil ini relatif murah. Tarif sewanya sekitar Rp 65.000. Penginapan ini sederhana tapi relatif bersih dan tenang, sehingga banyak turis asing memilih menginap di losmen sederhana ini. Tetapi jangan berharap fasilitas macam-macam, karena di penginapan ini hanya terdapat satu televisi di ruang makan yang menghadap ke pantai. Makanan di sini pun rasanya cukup enak.
Pantai Teleng Ria cukup bersih, berpasir cokelat keputihan, dan panjangnya membentang lebih dari empat kilometer di Teluk Pacitan. Ombaknya besar. Maklum, laut selatan. Namun pantainya landai dan tepiannya bisa dipakai untuk berenang-renang, asal Anda hati-hati. Selain hari Minggu atau hari-hari libur nasional, pantai ini sepi pengunjung. Jadi bagi yang tidak suka berramai-ramai menikmati pantai, tempat ini cocok.

Ombaknya Ganas
Di sebelah barat Pantai Teleng Ria, sekitar 15 km dari Kota Pacitan, juga ada pantai lain yang tak kalah indah yakni Pantai Srau. Pantai ini terletak di Kecamatan Pringkuku. Di sini pasirnya putih dan halus dan pemandangannya indah. Namun, Anda jangan coba-coba berenang karena ombaknya sangat ganas dan pantainya langsung menghadap ke laut lepas. Kalau Anda hobi memancing, Anda bisa melakukannya dari tebing-tebing karang yang ada di situ.
Pantai Srau bukanlah satu-satunya pantai yang menawan. Selain itu, ada Pantai Klayar yang terletak di Kecamatan Donorojo, yang berjarak sekitar 35 km dari Kota Pacitan. Di sini pemandangannya juga sangat cantik. Pasirnya putih halus, airnya biru dan bening. Tebingnya gagah dan menjulang ke pantai. Namun ombaknya juga sangat ganas, bisa setinggi dua hingga tiga meter. Kedalaman lautnya mencapai ratusan meter, sehingga tidak bisa dijadikan tempat berenang. Keunikan pantai ini ialah adanya seruling laut, yakni desiran angin yang sesekali terdengar dari antara celah batu karang dan semburan ombak. Jalan menuju Pantai Klayar agak berliku-liku dan sempit, naik turun, dengan sisi kanan dan kiri berupa jurang, dan letaknya di antara hutan-hutan jati.
Pantai Klayar, yang masuk Desa Sekar, Kecamatan Donorojo, biasanya menjadi tempat masyarakat setempat menjalankan tradisi leluhur, yakni menyerahkan sesaji kepada Dewi Sekartaji, pada bulan Longkang, hari Jumat atau Senin, setiap tahun.

Wisata Gua
Anda belum dianggap ke Pacitan kalau belum mengunjungi gua-gua yang ada di sana. Gua Gong adalah yang terbesar dan paling indah. Selain memiliki stalagtit dan stalagmit yang luar biasa indah dan besar, di dalam gua ini banyak terdapat empat sendang (sumber air) yang oleh mereka yang percaya dianggap punya khasiat.
“Kalau mau buang sial, menyembuhkan penyakit kulit, mau terlihat awet muda, dan supaya sehat dan murah rezeki, Anda bisa mencuci kaki, tangan, dan muka di sini, monggo,” kata pemandu kami setiap kali berhenti di tiap sendang. Memang di depan gua ini banyak pemandu wisata, yang selain menyewakan senter, juga akan menemani Anda dengan kisah-kisah seputar gua ini.
Senter dibutuhkan karena untuk menuju dasar gua, yang ada di kedalaman 30 meter, Anda harus meniti jalan-jalan kecil yang licin karena basah oleh tetesan air. Untuk menyewa senter dan membayar pemandu, mereka tidak memasang tarif. Serelanya saja.
Di dekat Gua Gong, juga ada sejumlah gua lain, seperti Gua Tabuhan, yang konon berbunyi merdu seperti gamelan kalau stalaktit dan stalagmitnya ditabuh.

Suvenir Batu Akik
Karena banyaknya gua yang terdapat di Pacitan, oleh-oleh yang khas dari daerah ini adalah batu-batu mulia dan hasil kerajinan masyarakat setempat. Batu akik sampai batu mulia ada di sini. Warna dan bentuknya beragam dan unik. Harganya ada yang Rp 3.000 (cincin), namun ada juga yang sampai Rp 65.000. “Batunya kami dapat dari gua. Nanti tinggal dibentuk,” kata seorang pedagang di dekat Gua Gong. Namun kalau ingin mencari batu yang lebih mahal dan bagus serta bernilai seni tinggi, Anda bisa pergi ke para perajin batu mulia di Kecamatan Donorojo.
Sebagai sebuah daerah tujuan wisata, Pacitan cukup menarik untuk dikunjungi dan dinikmati. Dari Solo perjalanan ke Pacitan bisa ditempuh dua jam, lewat Sukoharjo dan Wonogiri. Sedangkan dari Yogyakarta Anda bisa lewat Wonosari, Gunung Kidul. Namun rute ini jalannya sempit dan sepi, melintasi perbukitan hutan jati, sehingga Anda disarankan tidak lewat pada malam hari.
Sarana dan prasarana pariwisata yang ada di Pacitan tidak bisa dibandingkan dengan tempat-tempat lain yang lebih maju, seperti Bali atau Yogyakarta. Namun, bagi yang suka bermain di pantai, Anda disarankan tinggal dua atau tiga hari menikmati atraksi-atraksi yang ada di kota ini. Anda dijamin puas.

Penulis adalah pelajar kelas 2 SMP St Vincentius Jakarta.

(translated using Google translator pardon the super improper grammatical mistakes)

"Welcome to Pacitan, City of Thousand Caves" that writing is what greeted us when entering the District Punung, Kabupatan Pacitan, East Java, from the direction of Solo.
Pacitan does have a lot of caves, because this region is located in the area of limestone. According to residents, the Japanese colonial era, the caves used as hiding places and escape the fighters. In addition, many of these caves are used as hideouts of the guerrillas against the Dutch.
Various natural tourist attraction in this Pacitan located far apart, so if you want to explore this district we need a vehicle. Tourism object closest to the City is Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan is located in the east of the city.

Teleng Ria is an unspoiled beach and quiet, and not many hotels in this area. The only hotels, more appropriately called the inn, is the Happy Bay Beach Bungalow, a building directly overlooking the beach. The hotel is located approximately 300 meters from the beach. While other hotels located in the town of Pacitan, which is about 2 km from the coast.
In addition closest to the beach, this small hotel rates are relatively cheap. Rate it cost about Rp 65,000. Accommodation is simple but clean and relatively quiet, so many foreign tourists choose to stay at the inn this simple. But do not expect the kinds of facilities, because in this inn there is only one television in the dining room overlooking the beach. The food here, too, felt pretty good.
Ria Beach teleng quite clean, sandy whitish brown, and long stretches over four kilometers in the Gulf of Pacitan. Large waves. Understandably, the southern ocean. But the sloping beach and edges can be used for swimming-pool, as long as you are careful. In addition to Sundays or national holidays, the beach was empty. So for those who do not like berramai-busy enjoying the beach, this place is suitable.

Malignant waves
On the west coast Ria pupil, about 15 km from City Pacitan, there are also other beaches that are not less beautiful namely Srau Coast. This beach is located in District Pringkuku. Here the sand was white and smooth and beautiful scenery. However, you do not try to swim because the waves were so fierce and the beach directly facing the sea. If your fishing hobby, you may do so from the cliffs there reefs.
Srau beach is not the only captivating beaches. In addition, there Klayar Beach, located in District Donorojo, which is about 35 km from the town of Pacitan. Here the landscape is also very beautiful. Of fine white sand, blue water and clear. Stout and towering cliff to the beach. But the waves were also very violent, could be as high as two to three meters. The depth of the sea to reach hundreds of meters, so it can not be a place to swim. The uniqueness of this beach is the sea flute, the occasional breeze that came from between the cracks of rock and blast waves. The road to Beach Klayar somewhat tortuous and narrow, up and down, with right and left side of the ravine, and situated among the forests of teak.
Klayar Beach, who entered the village of Sekar, District Donorojo, usually a local place run ancestral traditions, which gave offerings to the goddess Sekartaji, in Longkang, Friday or Monday, every year.

Cave Tours
You are not considered to Pacitan if you have not visited the caves there. Gong Cave is the largest and most beautiful. Besides having the stalactite and stalagmite are extraordinarily beautiful and large, many in this cave there are four spring (water source) that by those who believe it is considered a virtue.
"If you want to dispose of bad luck, cure skin diseases, want to look young, and so healthy and cheap food, you can wash your feet, hands and face in here, Monggo," said our guide each time stopping at each spring. It's in front of the cave is a lot of tour guides, who other than renting a flashlight, will also accompany you with stories about this cave.
Flashlights required because to get to the bottom of the den, which is in the depth of 30 meters, you should pursue the small streets were slick with wet by water droplets. To hire a flashlight and pay the guide, they will not charge. Serelanya only.
Near Cave Gong, also there are a number of other caves, such as the Cave of wasp, which supposedly sounds like a gamelan musical stalactites and stalagmites if beaten.

Souvenirs carnelian stone
Because of the many caves located in Pacitan, souvenirs typical of this region are precious stones and local handicrafts. Agate up precious stone is here. Colors and shapes varied and unique. The price there is a USD $ 3000 (ring), but there are also up to USD 65,000. "The stone we can from the cave. Formed will be staying, "said a dealer near Gua Gong. But if you want to find a stone that is more expensive and nice and high artistic merit, you can go to the crafters in the District Donorojo precious stones.
As a tourist destination, Pacitan interesting enough to be visited and enjoyed. From Solo trip to Pacitan can be taken two hours, passing Sukoharjo and Wonogiri. While you can pass from Wonosari Yogyakarta, Gunung Kidul. However, this route is narrow and quiet road, across the hilly forests of teak, so you should not pass in the night.
Tourism facilities and infrastructure that exist in Pacitan can not be compared with other places that are more advanced, such as Bali or Yogyakarta. However, for those who love playing on the beach, you are advised to stay two or three days enjoying the attractions in this city. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The writer is a junior high school second grade students of St. Vincentius Jakarta.

Monday, 21 June 2010


Day 1: Depart from Jakarta and chillin at the hotel, Bikini party and jacuzzi hour

2. Visiting Taman Safari Bali, going to Dreamland Beach and having dinner at Jimbaran beach

Day 3 Visiting Antonio Blanco Museum, Rafting at Ayung River and watching Kecak Dance

Day 4 Waking up in the morning, did some watersport such as: Banana boat and flying fish, then going to Padang-Padang Beach (omg, it's absolutely beautiful) and having dinner at the Living Room, Seminyak. My favourite day I can say

Day 5 Another morning day sport for paraceling, shopping at Airlangga Market, last minute eating and walking around Kuta then heading to Ngurah Rai International Airport.

It was one of the best vacation and getting along week in my life. Thanks for all of my best friends who made those days great: Andri, Lintang, Dono, Tiblo, Nini, Lola, Dira, Githa and Triska. Love you! Hope we'll have another trip next year

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