Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I am not that good of commenting a movie that has a really high imagination. Not that I am afraid but, you are about to comment a movie that was made by a brilliant team -tell me about that! And since I never watched Matrixs and all those James Bonds - to be honest I don't like that kind of movie - call me an outsider! But this movie I absolutely fall in love with. Not only because Joseph Gordon Levitt plays in it - but the idea of the
stories was so bright and Those three main players were amazing
clever. My mom treated me last Friday because I had a wisdom teeth pulled-out the day after.
And, when I was watching the movie
I keep guessing and guessing what the hell is this movie that I got it really hard to understand the story till it came to the part that Ariadne joined the team. The movie was heart-beating! Like everything was so out of ordinary people's mind. The back sound was supporting too. Iremember the formula that can make them feel everything that happened in the dream was so real. The expression of all the actors Leo! How dare you pointing out my Gordon? =)
on that part was so real, gave me shiver!
I realized one thing that Ellen Page is sucha
little girl, still. She would suit more to play on Disney Movies or things like Juno. But I am pretty sure she would be the next Anne Hathaway in the future! Also the part when they ran out of time and Arthur was in that all slow motion act! It was amusing! Even tho I don't really like Marion C because she acted there like a complete weak and psycho woman. But that shows that her acting was really good! She went so into the character! Overall the stories was really good. MY MIND WAS SO INCEPTED MY INCEPTION FOR THESE FIVE DAY!

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