Saturday, 31 July 2010

Jakarta, The "All in City"

The photo gallery is next to this building. Unfortunately this old historical building are being thrown away , seems that the government doesn't consider this as an "assets"

Last Thursday I had a pretty good time with the boys. There were my primo (this is how you call your firs year, yet he is Indonesian too), Putera and Didit, my friends from junior high school at St. Vincentius. The schedule was a treat from my primo and photo hunting with the others. He treated me and my friends because he knew all the things about UWCAd from Putra - I asked Putera to tell all of his juniors about this scholarship. Then here he goes, this Christian becomes my primo for the next one year! CONGRATS! First we went to Pasar Baru, a market which sells fabric as the major, full of Indians. There is this delicious Noodles Depot call ABUN you should really try! We also saw a photo show "14 World Heritage in Italy" which coincidentally was held at the same time when we were there. And there you see, my primo is getting excited!

Verona - I've been there. Very very beautiful! Am coming again this year.

Naples / Napoli. Pretty much reminds me of my Project Week, the most cultural one! I think I have the pictures of those statues too taken by myself.

Primo getting excited to explore the country where he is going to spend his life for the next two years. Congratulation, Prim!

This is where we went for photo hunting. There's a biggest piazza in Jakarta. That building used to be Governor's Office under the Dutch Colony. Well for this kind of heritage, should pretty much thanks the Dutch once.

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