Monday, 27 June 2011


I took my American Visa today at the RPX office. Since it is written your visa would be ready in 2-7 days, today's the seventh day after I had my interview. I called a friend of mine who had the same interview date and she told me she already had it since five days ago (so it was ready in two days), she got an email from the US Embassy Jakarta while I did not. Another friend of mine also took it in two days.

"I wanna get my visa, but actuallyI haven't got any email saying that it's ready..."
"Yes, it has been here since last Tuesday (5 days ago),"
Apparently it has been issued since June 21. But it's alright as long as I already have my visa with me.

I made this artwork of the visas I have on my Indonesian passport. I didn't have it that many, but only four. My favourite one is definitely the Visto one. I applied for free (while for example the US one costs around 300 bucks), the coolest thing about that Italian visa was I could enter all the Schengen States,

I had the greatest time so far for two years in Europe. All the countries that I visited are just wonderful. It is not the same kind of beauty that we have in Indonesia. Comparing the palaces that Indonesia and the European countries have, I'd say the palaces in Europe are way prettier, the grand architecture and maintenance, I mean one is so European/Renaisaance style while the other is a typical Indonesian architecture. The palaces in Indonesia are more humble, low-key and close to the nature, we don't have so-high-celling palaces and castle is not that common, but we do have forts, during the Dutch colony.

Visto, Visa and Visa (American-English xP) I got my Visa ready, now I just need to get some immunizations shoots. My departure in on August 24, 2009 first to Singapore and will arrive at Waterloo on 25th. Will spend some days earlier before orientation starts on 29th, need some time to adjust with time difference. I still have around 8 weeks at home!

p.s: I have been home for almost three weeks and haven't bought local sim card, people are complaining about that. Yeah, yeah, pals, soon I will ...

Merge and edit using Photoshop CS2

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Five Years Time

We were planning to make "Five Years Time" video by Noah and the Whale, but it didn't quite work. I've introduced the song to my friends few weeks before holiday started. I think the song matches our summer energy, cheerful, fun and intense. Also the five years words describe that our friendship is not a temporary but lifetime. In five years, we will have such a big vacation after I will have graduated - was mentioned to go to Europe (since I will be the last who will graduate in 2015 while the others are in 2014). However at some points Thailand, Lombok, Bangka Island, and Bali (yes this is always mentioned) would be nice too. Hope it will all go well and we can make it work. Five years time..

Oh well,
In 5 years time we could be walking around a zoo
With the sun shining down over me and you
and there’ll be love in the bodies of the elephants turning up
Put my hands over your eyes, but you peek through

And there’ll be,
Sun Sun Sun,
All over our bodies,
and Sun Sun Sun,
All down our necks,
and there’ll be,
Sun Sun Sun,
All over our faces,
and Sun Sun Sun.

So what the heck,
Cuz’ I’ll be laughing at all your silly little jokes,
And we’ll be laughing about how we used to smoke (none of us smokes tho).
All those stupid little cigarettes and drink stupid wine,
Cuz’ it was what we needed to have a good time.

And it was,
Fun Fun Fun
When we were drinking
It was,
Fun Fun Fun
When we were drunk
And it was,
Fun Fun Fun
When we were laughing,
It was,
Fun Fun Fun,
Oh it was fun.

Oh well I look at you and say it’s the happiest I have ever been
and I’ll say I feel I no longer have to be James Dean,
and She’ll say,
Oh yeah, Well I feel pretty happy too,
And I’m always pretty happy when I’m just kicking back with you.

and it will be
Love Love Love
All through our bodies
Love Love Love
All through our minds
and it’d be
Love love Love
All over her face
and Love Love Love
All over mine.

And in the oddest moments and just scratching my head
I’ll be thinking about families n’ lying in bed
Even though I believe it may not even come true
But in my mind I’m having a pretty good time with you.

Oh, Five years time
I might not know you,
In Five Years Time
We might not speak at all and
In Five Years Time
We might not get along
In Five Years Time
You might just prove me wrong.

Oh there’ll be,
Love Love Love
Where ever you go, There’ll be
Love Love Love
Where ever you go, There’ll be
Love Love Love
Where ever you go, There’ll be
Love Love Love
Where ever you go, There’ll be
Love Love Love
Where ever you go, There’ll be
Love Love Love
Where ever you go, There’ll be
Love Love Love
Where ever you go, There’ll be
Love Love Love
Where ever you go, There’ll be

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Summer Updates 2011: Welcome to Tidung Island

My hoilday so far has been so good, despite the fact that I have been just staying at home these two days, I haven't really had a big going out after my last quite big vacation to Tidung Island, part of Jakarta's Thousand Islands.

From Thursday to Friday, this early weekend was packed.

Lucerne and Harem Pants

The pants is one of my favorites. I got the photos from Jesse, a friend whom I got a chance to meet when I was in Switzerland, she visited me once too in Duino. The harem pants is so overused, you must have seen that pants for several times in this blog, un petit dinner and Paris. It's my favorite anyhow!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Un Petit Dinner

June 15, after waiting for the last arrivals from Bandung which are Lola and Githa's, a city 2 hours from Jakarta, we finally had a meet up - a dinner. We planned to eat at Loewe, apparently we were 12 lines waitlisted. Without thinking any longer, we moved to Penang Bistro, Singaporean/Malaysian foods, while Loewe is more like European.

As usual, we spent the hours talking, laughing, taking picture, flashbacking to highschool and yes, eating. High shcool is always my be my favorite time of life, and what makes it more special is having the best friends of your life!

Pretty complete (from left to right) Githa, Andri, Lola, Tia, Me, Audrey, Lintang was taking the picture.

Lintang is now in the picture. The drescode was high heels by the way. Tia was not wearing heels because she had a small surgery several days ago, she's tall anyway.


Seven oh Seven

Monday, 13 June 2011

J'adore Paris

Paris was beautiful. The museums are great. I went to d'Orsay, l'Orangerie and Petit Palais. The collections are such eye-spenders!

It was a long journey to be in Paris. Train from Zurich to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport to Amsterdam Schipol, another train to Utrecht and an 8 hours bus the next day to Paris. Paris supposed to be the city that I should take photography picture the most, but it didn't. The city is very beautiful indeed, but it;s a kind of beauty that one has to enjoy not capture it with feeling and true eyes not a camera lens. Seriously. Compare to Rome, Parisian beauty and architecture is more chic and classy, while Rome is more extravagant and bold. Eiffel tower is the main tourism or spot of the city for sure. I jus got a picture, a proper picture at the Eiffel Tower at the third day when I was hanging out with Esther from France and Ushma from Nepal, friends from the college.

Switzerland, What a Wonderful World!

This is an assortment of photos from the first country that I visited after my graduation, Switzerland. I just edited them last night, as the result of jet lag - I barely couldn't sleep, ended up editing them. I stayed with my great aunt, Oma Lydia, she is the my gran's youngest sister. She has lived in Zurich for 35 years, bankers, workaholic. She is a Swiss by the way (I wish I were)

The area of her house is so called Gold Coast, it has a German or Swiss German name of it, but I can't remember, something like... Let me google it.. I couldn't find it but nearby Kusnacht and Meilan, Zurich. I had the greatest time of my time in Zurich. Very relaxing.

The view from her balcony was just daring, illusive. Just to sit there talking with her, drinking a glass of red wine was a great pleasure. We did that almost every night.

I spent 6 days 5 night Zurich from May 25-30 . First had dinner with Oma and Om Marlon (his son, my uncle), second day went to the Zurich City, third day day met my friend Jesse in Luzern (it's a fairytail-like city, so beautiful), eventhough it was raining, fourth day hang out Augustin a first year from Switzerland who lives in Winterthour (apparently he had a birthday on 27th, he did invite me to celebrate his birthday because they were having a small concert, but I was out of reach) and we had lunch with her granny, delicious food, chicken mushroom, the fifth day I was having quality time with my gran, we went to a lakeside restaurant - I finally swam in the very clean Zurich lake and the next day in the morning I left Zurich.

I had the greatest time in Switzerland. Spending time with my gran, my friends, and the cities. The fact that the country is very tidy, organized, and its beauty is so picturesque and charming. The people are friendly too - they are polite, they speak really good English. Everywhere is so swanky and elegant.

You know that before I was driven crazy by Italy, I have been neutralized. I would still love to live in Italy kind of, however I am thinking about the Italian/French part of Switzerland, since I would take French(again) in the university, it's however Switzerland! Switzerland, I am all yours!!

Waiting for the grill to be ready - first day dinner

The view from the balcony

Some boats on the Zurich Lake, Zurich city

Luzern, the fairytale-like city

It was raining, oh

The Luzern lake

A feris wheel in Zurich in the afternoon

Augustin and his mummuPhotobooth

What an afternoon

Zurich lake swimming time!!

The so called romantic view at night

Unforgettably beautiful view
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