Sunday, 11 July 2010

My Indonesia

Haven't really been in the mood of uploading good stuffs. Well, this one that I'm uploading isn't a bad stuffs tho - but I'm trying to figure out how it's working if I am uploading videos on my blog. This video is about Indonesia! It was selcted as the national campaign with its title "My Indonesia, Just A Smile Away". I know that my country is really famous with its friendly and warm people. We are just so welcomed. Every of foreigners/artists always answer things that they like about Indonesia: 1. The people
2. The culture
It's really nice. It is as good as the Visit Indonesia 208. I can say this one says more, because it has song, and the singer is a "go international" Indonesian singer named Sherina. Just enjoy, if you want to know about this 4th biggest and very interesting yet beautiful country!

Some Amusing facts about this country:

1.Indonesia is home to 35cm miniature deer, fish that climb trees to catch insects and spiders that catch and devour small birds in giant web.
Ape-man...Java is one of the earliest places in the world where ape-man lived. The skull of an ape-man who lived at a time when most of Europe was under ice was discovered here - aw cutee!
. Indonesia An ethnological goldmine...the variety of ethnic groups is unparalleled anywhere else in the world (316 ethnic groups).
These were just a few interesting facts about Indonesia. There remains much more to be discovered and explored in this place
Indonesia is now the world's third-largest democracy, the world's largest archipelagic state


  1. Try uploading clips on Malaysia.., you'll find it fascinating!!
    Greetings from Malaysia.., have a nice day...

  2. Yuck, I've been there! It looks fascinating in the commercial break but in reality I found the city is so plain. The beaches aren't that beautiful as it is in Indonesia. But, Nastilicious, the video is so pure, I love the song. Try to upload the high quality one. Good luck! Jerry White from UK

  3. Hey DESS I'll take a look, that's fine so I'll gain info about ur country, which is nice!

    And Jerry, thank u for the support! We are so happy that you've been here and you are always welcome.


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