Sunday, 27 February 2011

Venice Carnival 2011

Renate and his costumes

Kids and the fairytale

Face painters

Venetian Masks

Venetian Masks

Venice was becoming the fullest city in a world for a day. Yes, it was the Carnival 2011. Will soon upload the good quality pictures and stories (didn't know that my photo resolution was too small). See you soon, since I need to study, am having Italian trial tomorrow!


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Le Fleurs de Rut

The Valentine Cards selling succeed, we raised about 200 euros. Thanks to Maria! I really love making cards, and I am easily attracted to pictures from magazines. Especially fashion magazines, I can't resist not to buy them here in Italy. The fact that the price of magazines here relatively cheaper than if I buy it home and they are just simply amazing, the give extra catalog sometimes and the ads are great. For me, spending money on fashion magazines is never a waste. It gives me a pleasure, I'd rather spend my money on magazines than snacks, it makes me happy to see all the pages all over again.

Fashion magazines here inspire me a lot, I usually buy Elle, since Vogue Italian is somehow too eccentric I can say, it is not that world taste, but it is bold indeed, very Italian. I also like an Italian fashion magazine called AMICA. Simple and chick. But Elle is my favorite. Once they gave a note book as a bonus for the December edition. The notebook is so beautiful. Its color is white, you can see the picture below. Then I thought I had to do something with that, yet I already have my own Parisian diary from my high school best-friends. Then one night, I was just reading my old Elle magazines and an idea popped out, I gotta make my own art slash scrap book. And now that Le Fleur de Chloe note book has became my artwork/scrapbook of my dreams, passions, ideals and anything, about my life. I give you some hints below how it looks inside.

Making those pages makes me so happy. I enjoy it a lot. My best-friend says I should be an artist. I told her, I would do something has to do with art in the college, and therefore I am applying to colleges that emphasize art too, however my dream is to work in an office, in a big city, meeting new people, a job that I can write, I can talk, an outdoor job, full of challenges, not that becoming artist is not enjoyable, but I want to have a career, career-woman. So, let us see how the next four years of my life will really drive me to my dreams, and it also depends on which colleges who accept me - and I am still waiting for most of them. Also, I just put up three posters of colleges that I apply to, I am still sitting, waiting and wishing. Most colleges will announce the acceptances on April. I can only hope for the best now, even I already got one, and I would love also to go there, since it has a good media an communication program. Let's take a look of my new artwork/scrapbook diary, I present you; LE FLEURS DE RUT!

This is the book, it is so classy

The first page, woman on top here means kind of "influential woman", you know.

J'adore diamonds, e toi?

The second page. It was just by chance that the front and the back page make such a good picture of female face with male body.

My favorite of all. It's so meaningful. Principle.

These quotes really move me to be a great
giornalista, come pappa.

My best-friend/rooma, I caught here staring when I was making the arts.

Never throw away your fashion magazines. Someone's trash can be others' treasure.

p.s: I am still working and making on it, but not going to show anymore, since it would go personal, so you are lucky that you could see some!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

San Valentino


The fact that I still need time for my self, explore and discover the true self in me, without having any influences from other. And, I can't just force my feeling to someone that I don't like simply for fun. There is always time for everything.

p.s: I got them from tumblr, sadly forgot the link, no intention not to appreciate.

Love is in the Air, this time Cupid will be fair!

This is what I did after I finished a task every night.
Front and back

The two of my favorites

Valentine is coming! What's about that? This is the February's hitting point. A day for love, wish it could be everyday in in every month. Let's call it occasion! Romance, romance - one needs no boyfriend but romance. Valentine is here.

One of the best week so far. Yesterday, when I was just waking up from a nap, I took a look on my phone, got an email that I am accepted in a college in the United States, Wartburg College, Iowa, mid-west. Made me feel good. This is what people say "Every little happiness counts'. But this one is a big happiness, I am glad I finally have a positive school to go next fall. Thanks, God!

Just like in Valentine. Eventough this week has been busy (tell me about it, two internals, a presentation, a self design and homeworks), I still managed to make some cards for Valentine's day. One of a friend in the college, Maria, from the Netherlands, came up with this idea to sell cards then a "Cupid" will deliver it to the one, just like last year. This year the money will go for the Merapi Victims in Indonesia. Thanks Maria!

We see cupid is fair. Cupid is everywhere. Is cupid a male or female? Anyway, cupid is there for you, for me and for everybody. Love is more than just words, action is love. So people, grab the cards and send it to your special ones!

p.s: Happy Valentine in advance (in case I won't be able to post a "Valentine saying" post on 14th)!


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Duino Skies

Remember once I posted an article about the Offenbach Skies, last summer. Now, I would like to share another beauty of the skies, this time is Duino Skies. Duino is a small village in - this what makes it hard, I don't know how to explain this. Duino-Aurisina is a small village in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, under a city name Trieste. Duino itself is very beautiful. The fact that this village is surrounded by Adiratic Sea and Cernizza, a kind of rocky Forrest - makes Duino one of the most harmonic area in the world. You want the proof? Let me show you some.

Yesterday, we had a very intense photography classes leaded by Angelo Friolo, he used to teach photography in the college for 25 years. He taught many incredible features in Photoshop, it was in Italian - the good news is I understood every single word. One of the techniques that he taught us was how to change "un po interesante cielo" to "un interesante cielo". Cielo means sky. Also how to make our own "nuvola" which means "cloud". The class ended at 5.15, everybody clapped, we were amused how Photoshop would make one's image different.

That afternoon, I had my camera with me, when I went out from Ples B, I could see Porto at the north sight. I was just so impressed how beautiful the sky above Porto was. It was a mix of orange, red, yellow, blue, purple, gold and grey. Without no doubts, instead of going back to my resident I turned left, headed to Porto. When I arrived there I was amazed. The sky was immensely beautiful, it feels like an afternoon version of Van Gough's painting about that Starry Night. And I can't stop wondering how great God is and how everything has just been placed and put in order, and how the whole universe works. Call me crazy, but the sky that time had that power over me to dropped my jaw just to keep saying "Oh my God, this is beautiful".

These are the pictures I took from my camera. I did not edit them at all in order to be accurate, I need no Photoshop this time to make it wonderful. Duino Skies - I am gonna miss you next year when after I graduated.

In 3 minutes, the sun went down.

The trees and the sky from a higher level.

In thirty minutes

In maybe 45 minutes

In an hour

I met some of prime (first years, female, plural) asked them to take pictures of me.

Silhouette of Reina and Yiran

p.s: will be very soon share the pictures and story from my visit to the one and only Illy Coffee Factory in the world!xoxo

Thursday, 3 February 2011

February in Duino

That foggy part is Trieste

My room is, especially my "corner" my nest, I just want to feel secure, comfortable, secure safe when I am there and put my belongings there.
I miss it tough, haven't slept there for two days.

My outfit that day

In detail

My buddy

February is here. Whenever I hear word February words such as valentine, love, pink, always pop our from my mind. And February means, January had passed, the very first month in a year. These are pictures from February 1st, it was such a sunny day, perfect - even the existence of Bora was pretty intense.

Since it was windy yet sunny, I just felt like wearing a flowery pieces of clothes. As usual, colorful, even life in the college had been pretty tough this week, the fact that I was expecting people respect me in a way I respect them - but it did not work, it was disappointing, but it was just a particular person tough. However, I forgive this person, I forgive what she had done to me, just like her former president of her country, Nelson Mandela did, with regard to apartheid. Forgiving does not mean you are weak, but instead strong, because you yourself have to deal with all the pain, worries and wound that were caused by someone. Forgiving is one of the way to avoid conflict really. Even to forget is not an easy process. But, thanks to the support of my loveliest parents in the world, bestfriends, teachers and anybody out there. Just like these phrase, "I'll see you on Thursday & promise me to smile & laugh because that's the Rut I've known" (Urska Kosir), at the end we should count every little things that make us happy.

But, I am grateful with all the experiences I have learned in the college, they teach me lessons; the disappointment, the feeling of being disrespected and all the sacrifices, they prepare me to be more mature and build me as a young lady who is ready to face the very bright future. I just want to fill my day with all positive thoughts - and confidence and focus, in order to reach my goals in life.

" It is time to photoshop my life. Touch up the edges, adjust the tones. Blur out the background, focus on me and crop people out." Don't look back, forgive and forget, because as my parents told me, "I have a broader goals in my life, my future". I love you, Mom and Dad!
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