Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hallu My Kids, be quiet please

Hello, long time no post! After the Final of World Cup 2010. early in the morninh I had to leave house at 6 in the morning which night I didn't sleep. From Monday to Wednesday, the UWC Indonesian students had our Social Activity, with the kids from Yayasan The Master (Masjid Terminal), do you know what Masjid Terminal is? I'm sure you don't. It is Mosque and Station. So this informal school located at the back of Depok Station. Can you just imagine, they must be struggling to study! Despite the classes that are only separated with a tiny wall made from bamboo, the pollution and noisy sounds from the buses bother them everyday.

We are in front of The National Committee Office.

We left from Tendean, whose National Committee's office is there. There were 10 of us, from zero to third year - complete! From Pearson, Adriatic, Atlantic, Costa Rica, South East Asia, Mastricht, Li Po Chun, Mahindra, and Armand Hammer College. Immediately, after arriving there we introduced ourselves to three classes that we were about to teach. Well,I have the responsibility to introduce who we were as the current president of UWC Indonesia, replacing Kak Junius. Our social activity aims are raising awareness how important English is and motivate them to study continuously to face the future.

"Hello, Kids, we are the students from United World Colleges"

The first project was making a wishes list or goals. We gave them pieces of post it, then they had to write thing that they want to achieve by the end of the year. We basically said it was important to set goal, so that we'll be always on the track. I was so touched to see their goals.

" I want to help my parents"
"I want to be a doctor"
"I want to get a scholarship in Singapore"
"I want to be a solider"
"I want to be a nice kid"

Distributing the paper

After that we continued pretty much with learning English, we kept emphasizing that it was so important to learn English, and told them that English was one of the thing that brought us to study in United World Colleges. Also we told them how broad English was. They are so many English speakers with their own accents.

One of the poster about their goals. Picture of my co-year, Dea who studies in UWC Costa Rica.

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