Sunday, 28 October 2012

To Write is to Feel

My life in Waverly, IA, United States is about projects. Project is the term that I use to describe anything I do that is not school related and solely to fulfill my hobby. I have been thinking for such a long time to write a novel. My experience in Italy was more than enough for me to write about it. But I haven't got the big-push yet what to really write about. There were just so many things going on in that two years. There are too many people I met, too many people I like, too many good stories to share -- in a good way.  I do not know what would be the focus of that one. Based on novels I have read so far, in a good love novel, there are only two main characters, the lovers and other supporting characters the ex's lovers, their families and friends.

However though, recently after this summer, I think I got a really break-out inspiration to getting it going. And today, believe it or not, I already got 765 words for the novel. I love creative writing. Sometimes I wish I go to college to just study to be a writer. So that I can just focus on writing. The problem is I have to many interests and hobby and things I want to do in life. It is hard for me to focus now. But, at least I have started today.

This motivation came back again when three weeks ago, I remember what my Bahasa Indonesia teacher in SMA Santa Ursula, Pak Eko, told me that if I want to write a book I have to spend the time at 30 minutes to an hour to do that. And I think I have to start doing it. Plus, I already got a really good characters for the main part of the book.

I already get an abstract about the book. 

"... But, I think you are a character yourself. I do not know whether we are going to meet again near in the future. And this is what makes it more exciting. I will develop my own story and so do you. I hope you are happy now, because I am."

It is basically the reason why this story came up. it is so much influenced by James Patterson's book Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. And I think that is pretty exciting! Who does not love story about strangers, summer vacation, distance? I like those kind of stories. I want to thank my friend too, Dinda Sekar who keep asking me "Why not making an online novel, a book, a short story?" I told her, I have the a note-book that I sometimes write about. but I don't move it yet to an electronic version. I am getting excited.

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