Sunday, 28 October 2012

Adobe Illustrator: Designs for Menu and Advertisment

These two designs below are my some of the first assignments we did for Graphic Design. We had to make a menu and an ad using Adobe Illustrator. I never knew how to use Adobe Illustrator before until I took this class.  I found the tools in Illustrator are more handy and specified. It is not like Photoshop which allows someone to do more of photo editing. In Illustrator, we could not use it for photo-editing.

The idea of the restaurant is an urban-setting European-fusion cafe. It has to look simple and chic. With the design of the menu, I could definitely see a very cozy monotone architecture with black and white as the colours that dominate the furniture.

The second design is to make an advertisement of an invented-company. As I love creating, designing, writing, my company is a designing company. The idea of the design was inspired by the design for a better life poster (it is on my two previous posts). My professor said it is s really good and attention-getter design. The message is clear.  "We design what you want". The second important thing that has to be appealing is the name of the company, which is ink and print. As we all know, as every company moves toward digital era, all we need is just the website address of the company and its motto -- right below the company name.  The services are the block on the left-top. It is the third message that is wanted to be delivered in the ad.

Using Illustrator is really easy, however there are so many different techniques that can be used for one particular object. It is the role of designer to practice and make themselves comfortable with different tools in Adobe Illustrator.

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