Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Fall Sky Collection

October, I welcome you. Thanks for bringing such wonderful colours to Wartburg. There is nothing much to say about Ocotber; the presidential debate, my father's birthday, Zac Effron's birthday (hey, he was born in 1987 -- fyi: according to Chinese zodiac a 1991-born will make a compatible partner with 1987-born, yes Zac Efron!). And October is the month of Breast cancer awareness too, which I feel personal connection with.

Life in the college has been so smooth, as smooth as the frosting of cupcakes. I already have first-quiz for all my subjects. All the pictures above were taken during my 30 minutes study break for my International Relations class. It was on Tuesday. I could not resist not to take my camera outside to spend 15 minutes to capture the beautiful sky, trees, and leaves.

Fall Sky Collection through my Fish-eyeploration.

It makes a beautiful painting in the sky

Merrangas (Indonesian (n) falling)

Stay strong


Yellow in the sky


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