Tuesday, 18 September 2012

When Words Meet Design

You all know that I a am very visual person yet I love to play with words.I was making my Indonesian Sosro Jasmine Tea when I thought about these words. I really like the strong scent of the teabag. I opened the drawer and it's nicely stung my nose. Right away, I think about parallelism. Something that is parallel with the soft jasmine petals and the sensation  -- one's lips, a kiss. 

The pink colour represents a feminine side of the texts. Blue is a soft colour that is related to emotion, And triangle show the complexity of love. One like the other, the other like another person.

I love to play with my vision, my words, with my imagination.
 Kiss and Love
Rut Nastiti

p.s: this is obviously not the best design I ever made it only took twenty minutes. However, I like to connect my words and visions. 

p.s: Attention-attention, just got  a message from my dad that my parents are on the way to KLIA now to fly back to Indonesia. My mom is in a good condition after her chemotherapy. Thanks all for the prayers and moral supports. We really appreciate :)

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