Friday, 7 September 2012


Mr&Mrs M.Si and M.Sc

This post is dedicated to the man I always look up to.
When it comes to my dad it is always personal.
The man whose heart is the kindest.
The man who fights for people's right
The man who pretty much knows everything
The man who has a really good sense of humour
The man who is a leader in the office and in the family
The man who is really humble
The man whose life is about service, humanity, justice and truth
The man who I adore the most,
My dad. 

Congratulation on your graduation, Papa! I'm extremely proud and frustrated at the same time because he graduated his master with 3.7 GPA from University of Indonesia. It is so hard to be your daughter because you have a really high standard for education, I know you want me to get a P.hD degree and I will do what you want -- but that's also because I want it too. And I know you still want to get your P.hD soon! Let's race who is faster.

With Love,
Your daughter

P.S: Now everybody in the family has a master degree (mom&dad), God what am I putting myself into??

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