Friday, 28 September 2012

Fish-Eye Lens: The Playful Lense

I got my packet today from a camera shop in Brooklyn, NY. It is my fish-eye lens. I was so excited to have it. I also ordered a polaroid camera -- but honestly I want that fish eye more somehow! I opened first and tadaaaa... I was first dissapointed. It's a 46mm!! How the hook it is going to be screwed in to my camera? So I called the seller. He explained me. Apparently, there is an adapter of 58mm lense that I need to attach on the very top of my outer lens! It worked really well. However tho, it does not give the fish-eye effect if you zoom it in too wide, it has to be un-zoomed, or at least don't finish the zooming range. I like the round frame of the lens, however it will be too monotone with less zoom-range variations.

And here are the shoots so far.
p.s: all the photos are tweaked using Photoshop CS5 to make them look oldish like in Lomo fish eye.

Audrey above my head

My sleeping space with 0.0 zoom

The fish-eye effect works well here

My bed-time stories

Netanyahu made it to the headline

My luck in the United States

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