Thursday, 10 February 2011

Love is in the Air, this time Cupid will be fair!

This is what I did after I finished a task every night.
Front and back

The two of my favorites

Valentine is coming! What's about that? This is the February's hitting point. A day for love, wish it could be everyday in in every month. Let's call it occasion! Romance, romance - one needs no boyfriend but romance. Valentine is here.

One of the best week so far. Yesterday, when I was just waking up from a nap, I took a look on my phone, got an email that I am accepted in a college in the United States, Wartburg College, Iowa, mid-west. Made me feel good. This is what people say "Every little happiness counts'. But this one is a big happiness, I am glad I finally have a positive school to go next fall. Thanks, God!

Just like in Valentine. Eventough this week has been busy (tell me about it, two internals, a presentation, a self design and homeworks), I still managed to make some cards for Valentine's day. One of a friend in the college, Maria, from the Netherlands, came up with this idea to sell cards then a "Cupid" will deliver it to the one, just like last year. This year the money will go for the Merapi Victims in Indonesia. Thanks Maria!

We see cupid is fair. Cupid is everywhere. Is cupid a male or female? Anyway, cupid is there for you, for me and for everybody. Love is more than just words, action is love. So people, grab the cards and send it to your special ones!

p.s: Happy Valentine in advance (in case I won't be able to post a "Valentine saying" post on 14th)!


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