Thursday, 3 February 2011

February in Duino

That foggy part is Trieste

My room is, especially my "corner" my nest, I just want to feel secure, comfortable, secure safe when I am there and put my belongings there.
I miss it tough, haven't slept there for two days.

My outfit that day

In detail

My buddy

February is here. Whenever I hear word February words such as valentine, love, pink, always pop our from my mind. And February means, January had passed, the very first month in a year. These are pictures from February 1st, it was such a sunny day, perfect - even the existence of Bora was pretty intense.

Since it was windy yet sunny, I just felt like wearing a flowery pieces of clothes. As usual, colorful, even life in the college had been pretty tough this week, the fact that I was expecting people respect me in a way I respect them - but it did not work, it was disappointing, but it was just a particular person tough. However, I forgive this person, I forgive what she had done to me, just like her former president of her country, Nelson Mandela did, with regard to apartheid. Forgiving does not mean you are weak, but instead strong, because you yourself have to deal with all the pain, worries and wound that were caused by someone. Forgiving is one of the way to avoid conflict really. Even to forget is not an easy process. But, thanks to the support of my loveliest parents in the world, bestfriends, teachers and anybody out there. Just like these phrase, "I'll see you on Thursday & promise me to smile & laugh because that's the Rut I've known" (Urska Kosir), at the end we should count every little things that make us happy.

But, I am grateful with all the experiences I have learned in the college, they teach me lessons; the disappointment, the feeling of being disrespected and all the sacrifices, they prepare me to be more mature and build me as a young lady who is ready to face the very bright future. I just want to fill my day with all positive thoughts - and confidence and focus, in order to reach my goals in life.

" It is time to photoshop my life. Touch up the edges, adjust the tones. Blur out the background, focus on me and crop people out." Don't look back, forgive and forget, because as my parents told me, "I have a broader goals in my life, my future". I love you, Mom and Dad!

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