Thursday, 17 February 2011

Le Fleurs de Rut

The Valentine Cards selling succeed, we raised about 200 euros. Thanks to Maria! I really love making cards, and I am easily attracted to pictures from magazines. Especially fashion magazines, I can't resist not to buy them here in Italy. The fact that the price of magazines here relatively cheaper than if I buy it home and they are just simply amazing, the give extra catalog sometimes and the ads are great. For me, spending money on fashion magazines is never a waste. It gives me a pleasure, I'd rather spend my money on magazines than snacks, it makes me happy to see all the pages all over again.

Fashion magazines here inspire me a lot, I usually buy Elle, since Vogue Italian is somehow too eccentric I can say, it is not that world taste, but it is bold indeed, very Italian. I also like an Italian fashion magazine called AMICA. Simple and chick. But Elle is my favorite. Once they gave a note book as a bonus for the December edition. The notebook is so beautiful. Its color is white, you can see the picture below. Then I thought I had to do something with that, yet I already have my own Parisian diary from my high school best-friends. Then one night, I was just reading my old Elle magazines and an idea popped out, I gotta make my own art slash scrap book. And now that Le Fleur de Chloe note book has became my artwork/scrapbook of my dreams, passions, ideals and anything, about my life. I give you some hints below how it looks inside.

Making those pages makes me so happy. I enjoy it a lot. My best-friend says I should be an artist. I told her, I would do something has to do with art in the college, and therefore I am applying to colleges that emphasize art too, however my dream is to work in an office, in a big city, meeting new people, a job that I can write, I can talk, an outdoor job, full of challenges, not that becoming artist is not enjoyable, but I want to have a career, career-woman. So, let us see how the next four years of my life will really drive me to my dreams, and it also depends on which colleges who accept me - and I am still waiting for most of them. Also, I just put up three posters of colleges that I apply to, I am still sitting, waiting and wishing. Most colleges will announce the acceptances on April. I can only hope for the best now, even I already got one, and I would love also to go there, since it has a good media an communication program. Let's take a look of my new artwork/scrapbook diary, I present you; LE FLEURS DE RUT!

This is the book, it is so classy

The first page, woman on top here means kind of "influential woman", you know.

J'adore diamonds, e toi?

The second page. It was just by chance that the front and the back page make such a good picture of female face with male body.

My favorite of all. It's so meaningful. Principle.

These quotes really move me to be a great
giornalista, come pappa.

My best-friend/rooma, I caught here staring when I was making the arts.

Never throw away your fashion magazines. Someone's trash can be others' treasure.

p.s: I am still working and making on it, but not going to show anymore, since it would go personal, so you are lucky that you could see some!

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