Thursday, 6 January 2011

Day 1: Cilacap

The village is famous for its stones.

This is how it looks, when the fishermen's boats anchored

Nusa Kambangan Island lays there

Anticipated the boats of being sailed away by the wind

A fisherman that wanted me to take his picture

These are the pictures from our trip, first day. All located in Cilacap, Center Java. Nothing much, because the beach is typical kind of fishermen port, so it was not really touristic, the wave was calm rather than interesting. We thought it was a inclusive beach from google . From the beach side, you could see Nusa Kambangan Island, an Island where "The Alcatraz" belongs to, Indonesia's Alcatraz. In the colonial time, the island was used by the Dutch to prison the locals. And now, the GOI uses it to jail crime doers. Some Indonesia's number one crimes are there, and also the son of the former Indonesian's President, Soeharto. After Cilacap we went to a village Magelang and celebrated new year's s eve there. I just knew that every new years they hold a wayng performenace in Borobudur Temple. It was beautiful.

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