Sunday, 23 January 2011

She and He

I created new album in my Facebook "She and He" two days ago on Friday, right after I finished my photography class. The purpose is to upload any kind of planned photos session that I had or will have with people. It was one of the most interesting class ever, first time to use the light studio. Before heading to the light studio, our teacher Max, gave us a basic information about how the light works. For example we had to make sure that the angle of the light and the object is 45 degree steep. And if we play with the low light, a good composition would show a little triangle below the eye. With three lights, it will give such a sparking white background at the back. Here I uploaded the selected photos that I took - however Photoshop is needed to make the pictures even stunning (self reality check!). The models in these pictures are Vladimir and Rosalba.

This is a mix of low light composition and Adobe Photoshop to give such a shinning effect at the back of the object

Forget to tell you, she is Rosalba, comes from Basilicata, Southern Italy. A friend of mine from the college. She just did her haircut. She looks so sexy with it.

This is my favorite photo of her over all. Her expression is so playful plus there is this little triangle under her right eye. The picture looks deep.

He is Vladimir (Vouva) from Russia. I asked him to do this pose, and the result was spectacular.

He smiles with his eyes. And see that light in the left side, it makes it even lively.

I think this photo is too bright. However I liked his transparent eyes that he gave here.

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