Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The story was retold!

It's about my cut into pieces love story with someone that I really liked, for the last 4 months in my college, But he is gone, graduated clearly. Really wanna share what I told to all my best friends, from secondary school and high school about how I say I LOVE YOU for the first time with all the means of what I LOVE YOU is. Again. when I told them 1 until 2 from 9 were dropping their tears for my sad ending story, I couldn't say it sad tho, it was a relieving feeling. But time is showing 1:24 now, and I really have to go to bed. I just went watching Toy Story 3 - Oh, how I always love this movie, it's adorable! Well, but one thing that I can say about love now, it's an utter bullshit if your love story could be exactly like the one in the movie! I will explain you why, maybe tomorrow. I love Woody in Toy Story! I had the doll toy of him! I still have it, but it was not with me anymore, I left it in my previous house. Woody is a man of principle! He is this kind of actor who always be the hero. Well, really it's 1:30 gotta go to bed!

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