Thursday, 24 June 2010

I Met My Cousins

So just you know, Jakarta isn't that big. My Biology teacher who went to Jakarta once said that, that's a big city. It's true it's a megapolitan city, the New York of Asia. But, for us who have been living there for some periods of time think that it's too small and overloaded. You meet people whom you know every single day, people who are Jakartans. Like yesterday when I went to the mall named Senayan City, I met my cousins all of the sudden, Angela and Kevin. The funny part was she said she saw me holding my SLR so she asked me to take a picture of her friend and after that with me. And when our picture were taken, there were this random guys passing and stoppin', they thought we were having such a great time with the photo taking, and we said "You can go first" - then it's all captured at the second picture.

Well I am home. Have to adjust again spending weekend in malls. I don't really like it tough. I went to mall if there is a significant purpose like watching movies, eating or shopping. I love walking along Trieste, in the open air. Or just walk to Sistiana Beach having an ice cream from a lateria in Duino. I think it's more down to earth and close to nature.

By the way, she is my cousin who is going to study in UK this August. We'll be closer. Even tho I don't have a British visa to go there, but we are meeting in Frankfurt, attending my uncle's wedding on September. Seems we are going to have a lot of fun with my SLR there yeahs!

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