Monday, 28 June 2010

Meet up with my ups&downs Debate Team

I, Olga and Retha

English debate is one of the thing that brought me abroad so far. I still remember, at the first time I entered that all girl school, daddy told me to join English debate club. He basically said - it's a way to keep myself update, critical and practice my English. Even that I had to go home at 12.45 on Saturdays, while the other at 11.15 or less, don't really remember. But yeah, what daddy said was true. I won some competitions with my favorite team ever, I as the second speaker, Retha as first speaker and Olga as the third. We've been through so many ups and down moments together, since how difficult it was to get a permission from our strictly straight headmistress, walking home very late, till the last which could have been the one that brought us to a national level winner - a walked out. We were already octo-finalists! The competition was in the best national university: University of Indonesia at the Faculty of Law, where I really want(ed) to go after graduating from high school (If I were still in Santa Ursuala) But because of that ineffective, slow, screwed, unorganised and super lame Indonesian train that brought us - we were late and it was over.

"On the point Ma'am"

You guys are the best and always be my favorite! Love you

They used to say that I have that strong British accent while I was debating, man now I am in a complete opposite pole!

Wishing ourselves the best for our future!

Well then, it wasn't meant to be. A week later, I got a phone call that I was accepted for UWC, which was such a joyful news for a broken hearted. Now, Olga is going to study at Parahyangan University in Bandung and Retha is going to Sunway University. We are all happy and "case building" our future in our own places.

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