Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Era of Mustache and Beard

There are a group of guys in mensa that got my attention today.
Nothing about their looks, but their mustaches.
I guess there were three people.
All the guys have the mustache that look like this.

Those guys look really funny

Talking about mustache.
Not all guys look good in their mustaches.
But beard usually makes them look more mature and manly

So beard,
It gives different sensation
When it is pressed against
A woman's upper part of her lips
Or her cheek

Your moustache petite 
Your barbe douce 

That what makes
Est c'est vrai?

My favourite beard/mustache of all time is goat-t
Something like Ryan Gosling's
Something like this.

This mustache is totally mind-blowing

I drew the hair curly
This kind of goat-t looks even better for guy with curly or wavy hair
It just gives them more character
But the thickness of the hair has to be reasonable

If it's too hairy
It makes guys look messy,
Not classy.

So, here is what I think.
Figure it out yourself
What the cross means
and the question mark means... 

Dear guys,
You might not have thought about this
But we
Look at you
The same way you look at us
From head to toe.

So, starting to grow beard?

2:01 pm

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