Monday, 9 July 2012

Running With Miss Goods

I just had a very long talk with Caroline about "belly and the fire" and went back to my room got a replied from Shaka Goods that she allowed me to publish the pictures. I am actually worried because I totally digitalised her make up to give play with her beauty and her skin tone, and to make it look high fashion (and this is just hard for me to give those effects, I am not a pro digital imaging person). This is why the results of her photoshoot have been on hold for so long. And by the way, she just added one more year to her life. Happy birthday, Shaka!

Shaka's photoshoot was done on the Final Week. Remember that I had to decide projects for my final at my Photography class, it was that hectic week when I did five different photoshoots in one week. Hectic, I know.

The concept of Shaka's photoshoot was really clear; combining sports and fashion. The preparation was more like a talk. I asked Shaka to wear whatever she felt like wearing in a track and field practice or competition. And voila, she chose a very bright pink top. Who does not love pink? We do.

 The location was in Hoover Stadium. And it was done at around 3pm in the afternoon, but the sun was still shinning ( I remember after that I needed to take pictures of the graveyard too).

The photoshoot was a lot of fun! Shaka was really eloquent showing me what she usually does when she is on track. It was something new for me to take a "sport" picture. We got pretty good numbers of shot! And it did not take more than an hour.

Shaka runs for track and I believe have won some national championship for NCAA Division III. As usual, I always have stories for my photoshoot. She has really beautiful features that I want to present in this photoshoot: bronze skin, Jollie's lips, wide-eyelids. The photoshoot tries to capture her confidence and how it contributes to her sport career. It's not cliche ladies, if you feel beautiful inside, you will look beautiful outside!

 p.s: I am working on two pieces about "My Capital All-Time Favourite" and 'something online'

Kiss and Love, 
Rut Nastiti

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  1. good job on this one too! keep on


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