Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Americans in DC


It is my second nights in DC. Last night I finally settled in at my relatives house in Maryland! I got a king-size bed by myself (anybody wants to join me? Come here!). Yesterday we were out the whole day since it was Memorial Day. We were at the National Mall area to see the parade. It was great, not spectacular yet. I think everywhere (well at least Iowa and here), people don't really dance when they hear good vibe of music.We also went to Tyson Mall, ate Pho and had Yogberry frozen yoghurts. Man, I've met like 15 Indonesians less in 24 hours! They're like everywhere here.

DC itself is so far beautiful. It is very interesting. A mix of modern landscape with young-European-like building. Some of the corners just look like Paris. There are a bunch of museums, and they are all for free. DC was so hot. It made me want to scream!

My internship starts tomorrow! I have to be at the office at 10am. Have I told you not that the guy which is the Chief Editor of VOA Indonesia is going to be my supervisor him self? Ain't great? I am nervous too tho, like "the guy" is supervising me!

Anyway, so far, all I can say is I love DC. And I realised yesterday during the parade that "I LOVE AMERICA SO MUCH"... I am sorry America, I think I am going to make my living here. Especially after all, this year I am hooked by this American genius senior. He is the first American on my crush list!!  He is the kind of American I want: kind-hearted, kind-looking, handsome, curly hair, tall, black hair, nice smile, cute, eats ice cream, studies in the library, genius, smart, scholar, and the list goes on... I never thought I would like an American guy. He really is the first American guy on my crush list!

So I will be updating you with my internship story!

p.s: I took some pictures during the parade that is inspired by favourite Swiss-American photographer, Robert Frank! Enjoy!

Kiss and Love,
Rut Nastiti

I like this flag so much. Always takes my attention. I love you USA!

My all time favourite brigade: MARINE! Eye candy stuffs out there!


Iraq soldiers!

Miss USA 2012 knows I am taking picture of her. She is definitely waving at me!
It's not like everyday you can take a picture in the middle of this road!

1/6 of my closet!


  1. Rut!!!
    LOL what a coincidence. I met someone from DC at April's wedding; he said he didn't like missing the Memorial day parade.

    I'm so excited for you! Good luck tomorrow! You are perfect for the job. :)


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