Friday, 18 May 2012

Panoramic Corners of Waverly

 My ART 208 Photography I class is just getting more interesting. Day to day we got to learn different techniques in photography and also Photoshop. Starting from last week, we have exploring landscape photography which includes panoramic picture. Hello, we don't use the old panoramic camera anymore. But that is not a problem! Photoshop did a really good job of merging a sequence of pictures.

My job is just to take the photographs and Photoshop will do it all. All the places above are pretty panoramic, who believes that the hometown of my college, Waverly,  is pretty amazing!

Kiss and Love, 

Downtown Waverly always interest me.
 In Jakarta we don't quite have the sense of "downtown" of each town.
 I mean Jakarta is a city and in its own town. I know it's complicated....
Look how gorgeous the arch is!

I just want to name this photograph"Bridge over troubled-water"

The distortion of the building just reminds me of the Colosseum in Rome


  1. Interesting shots. I'm glad you are enjoying your May Term class.

  2. Kristanto Hartadi18 May 2012 at 20:57

    Great pictures Rut, now you can try to make more details and micro pictures. Good job.


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