Friday, 25 May 2012

Beauty Around the Globe

My final project is the highlight of my photography career in my freshmen year. I decided to take portraits because I always enjoy taking pictures of people (portraiture), especially when I communicate with my model. It's tricky but fun. You have to bring them into the mood: natural or posed; talking with them, joking with them.

I cannot believe how much I accomplished during my first year, especially May Term! I did four photo shoots (7 different settings) and some other projects with Panoramics and Landscape. But porttrait is definitely my favourite! It was great to be inspired and get to know famous portrait photographers. My favourite is of course, Michael Disfarmer! I was about to imitate him, but my professor said my idea was to vague and would have taken more than two hours - he said "Make something simple". So actually, I changed the idea slightly to focus on beauty, and voila, it turned out to be fascinating! You know what, I just planned and organized everything 18 hours before the photoshoot, calling the models, learn how to use the studio and all.

I really want show a different kind of beauty in this world. Our mind is filled with mainstream picture of girl with soft skin, straight hair, thin lips images of beauty!  Hey, beauty is about how you feel! 

I am so happy with my final project! When we did a critique in the class some of them was actually wondering "Are those photographs ours? Because they are so good," My favourite comment was , "It looks like professional" "Like in magazine". 

I feel so grateful for everything I have right now!
I hope I can take more portraits with more different and unique faces in DC (excited my internship is in 4 days!

I feel so beautiful!

Kiss and Love, 
Rut Nastiti

Mengzhen Wang, China

Selasi Ametewe, Zimbabwe

Apraisia Moshi, Tanzania
Akimi Shioya, Japan

Lindi Matse, Swaziland
Anh Nguyen, Vietnam
Linda Geoffy, Tanzania
Seng Niphojaracoe, Thailand
 Braulia Carlos, Angola


  1. awesoooooome...i love this

  2. Beautiful, beautiful girls!!!!

  3. This is the idea of beauty , showing the smile which appears On each lips !!! Congratulation girls nice job

  4. Ruth you are so awesome.. keep in rockin'!!


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