Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Making: I'll Bring You Back to The 90s

Get a hint where our first location was? Yeah, right Sunny's Liquor Store!

Selja tried to be a wild and nasty animal. But she is too sweet, she could not.

"Wait this looks like a penis!" she said.

On the way to the railway we stopped by the hourse house and found this precious wooden swing chair.

Get ready for the third location: heading to the right spot!
This shoot is a bonus since we still have a piece of clothes that has been worn.

I was really a fashion photographer and stylist today! Four hours ago, I just finished a photoshoot with Selja Zelena Trebo. Sejla is such a cool person, very friendly, and easy to talk to. Honestly I never really talked to her before. But she had done modelling before in Bosnia and she was so excited to do an 80's theme photoshoot. She is really fun model to work with. However though,  Kibby Hera the other beautiful girl with the beautiful curly hair did not make it to photoshoot because something bad happened to her loved one, wish Kibby could have made it.

We did the photo-shoot in four (and a half) different locations.   No wonder it took us almost three hours! Right after that I had to leave right away to take picture of Megumi Otaki, for portraits assignments! Today was all about photographing, styling, and directing.

All the pictures that are shown in this post above are the unused ones. When I moved everything to  my laptop apparently I took 771 pictures. Crazy! See how unprofessional I am, not being efficient with the shutter.  Usually at the ned I just need five to ten photos for each location which means I have to abandon 720 pictures! It means depreciation of my camera. It's okay it's all learning process!

So I will put the selected pictures soon! Just be patient okay!

Kiss and Love

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