Saturday, 24 March 2012

Golden Cage

Before, it looked so devastated

This is so me. I cannot let a white wall being empty.

Friday (3/23/12) was the most decisive day of the month.
1. I decided and declared my major and minors: Communication Arts Double Emphasis in Multimedia Communication and Organizational & Public Relations; minoring in International Relations and French - I will be going to Paris in May 2013, since it is part of my major!

2. I have been cleared for registration, which means all my courses' schedule works well. And I am done keeping my account below one thousand (darn, I hate the fact the school does not accept debit card, today I had to take out cash in a really big amount!! )

3. The most decided one: my room! I finally made it like what I always wanted: colorful, stylish, retro - just like me. Moving out with Zee is the best decision I made. I have lived with her for almost a month. I become myself again. In a way I feel "safe, secure and comfortable" to be in the room. I started to do my habits which my ex-roomates in Italy know so well, such as singing, making artwork, even just sitting on my bed with only quilted in towel after showering. It feels so good when I feel I own the room and especially when you get really along with your roomate, and your roomate is your friend. And I started to study in the room - which the thing I never did in my old room.

For the last three years, I had lived in five different rooms! Last year in around March too, I moved out from my first assigned room, but it is always for the best. The thing is that I am a kind of person who always build a strong emotional relationship with my room. I think it is most important to feel "nested" when I am in my room. It is my cage after all when I am done with college activities. I just realized, I will live in three different rooms for the next three years! I will be experiencing living in lots of cages.


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