Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pekan Budaya

Pekan Budaya is the Indonesian phrase to say Culture Week (pekan: week, culture: budaya). This year is my first year to contribute in the Wartburg College Culture Week 2012. The week was pretty joyful. There were so many activities to raise awareness about culture or diversity. I participated in numbers of it. During culture fair, since apparently I am the only Indonesian, I had to prepare the Indonesian stand, but that was no a big deal, my third year left some Indonesian decorations. I was good to go.

The most challenging one was everything for the Culture Show. I was in seven, down to four and leaded three skits, which the three of them are new; the Grand Opening, Fashion Show and a Norwegian song. It was a hard time,l The exec almost cancelled the Grand Opening, and some people just did not get how to walk for the Fashion Show and for the Norwegian song, I barely could remember the second verse for the first two weeks of practicing. It was really hard just to make the song stick on my memory; it is not English but Norwegian, and the words are so tongue-twisting. But I made it. It felt good!

Culture week was a blast. I am glad people told me I sang really well, if only they knew I was shaking on the stage and trying to keep going because the show must go on. Also people said they loved the fashion show.

Now I am missing the practices already!
I will see you again next year!


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