Thursday, 6 October 2011


I know at some point it is going to happen again, however I was not expecting it happened that fast - two days ago. I was coming back to my room and I was not feeling so well. I knew that it was just a headache. Thirty minutes passed, it was still there. I finally took medicine. I tried to sleep, got a cup of hot tea to drink - it was nihil. I tried to sleep for an hour, then I woke up, it was still there. I struggled for another hour. I called the school clinic, but there was no one working and the mail voice said I had to call 911, I thought it was just way too serious if it has something to do with 911.

Until I called my parents and I told them, I could not bare it anymore. I called my friend too. my parents told me to call my adviser, then my adviser called me back and said he had called the security to bring me to the hospital. And there I was, for the very first time, in a foreign country, stuck in an emergency room without my parents.

That was the most miserable feeling I ever had.

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