Thursday, 29 September 2011

Here I Go Again

I finally really find a free time when I feel that'd be enough time for me to post a story about my first one month in the USA. I have been pretty busy with exam this week. It's official, I have been here at Wartburg for one month and four days! College has been busy, as usual. I have had one quiz, one essay and two exams until today. I got an article to submit for the school newspaper, but the good news is I finished it last night, and I already wrote all the questions for the guest speaker that we have tomorrow for the CA 100 class. I just need to go to work tonight from 9-10.

Today is really windy, compare to the first days when I arrived here, it was sunny. It was raining two days ago and has been pretty cold in the morning, sometimes it gets warmer at noon.

I have funny stories about my identity. Yesterday night, I told one of my roomates, Amber that I am jonning ASA.
" I am joinning ASA"
"What is that?"
"It's Asian Student Association,"
"Really? Are you Asian?"
"What do you think I am?"
We were laughing. I told her that Indonesian is also Asian, since we belong to the same continent and share similar culture. My roomate is really sweet and kind, but she might not be really good at Geography (sorry, Amber!). Once she thought Indonesia is somewhere near France. It was just hilarious.

Today at Mensa, one of the international students that I know really well, Patience, from Nigeria thought I was from South Korea. At the beginning of my arrival, some students from African countries thought I were Asian-American or European-like. It's nice to hear about that.

This week has been so fast. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday (again). Weekends here is really simple, not so many things to do; going to Goat on Fridays, watching football game or to Goat on Saturdays or you can just stay at your room watching movies, or napping. That has been my favorite activity so far. Oh, we are planning to go for pizza this Sunday with all the girls on our floor, it is arranged by the RA.

Life here at Wartburg has been going alright. The campus is really beautiful, it is in good-sized. And it's so green and pretty.

The cheeleaders and dancing team during football match. Keep in mind football is football and soccer is umm, football? The building on the left side is my resident.

The required book for all freshmen for IS 101 Class: Asking Question, Making Decision

My first Graphic Novel book, it is not comic.

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