Friday, 1 July 2011

The Sea and The Stars

Sometimes I wish that I were such a great creator to make a real version of my ideas, but I am not that knowledgeable and powerful and omnipotent to make everything I want happens. I lately have a big obsession for nebula and starry skies. It is not something new, I am not a big fan of Physics and astrology (apart from horoscope), but I always love to see the skies at night mostly when we were on vacations (usually somewhere 600 km away from Jakarta, for example: West Java, East Java or Nusa Tenggara) the skies are usually clearer, so we can easily see the stars with the wide eyes. The stars are even more beautiful when we are in the seaside or nearby the beach. I always have a wish-list to sleep on a water-bed mattress (inflatable pool) at night on a beautiful calm beach/sea, well unfortunately beach/sea at night are usually not calm around that time and I don't drive boats. I wish I could swim within the stars...

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