Monday, 27 June 2011


I took my American Visa today at the RPX office. Since it is written your visa would be ready in 2-7 days, today's the seventh day after I had my interview. I called a friend of mine who had the same interview date and she told me she already had it since five days ago (so it was ready in two days), she got an email from the US Embassy Jakarta while I did not. Another friend of mine also took it in two days.

"I wanna get my visa, but actuallyI haven't got any email saying that it's ready..."
"Yes, it has been here since last Tuesday (5 days ago),"
Apparently it has been issued since June 21. But it's alright as long as I already have my visa with me.

I made this artwork of the visas I have on my Indonesian passport. I didn't have it that many, but only four. My favourite one is definitely the Visto one. I applied for free (while for example the US one costs around 300 bucks), the coolest thing about that Italian visa was I could enter all the Schengen States,

I had the greatest time so far for two years in Europe. All the countries that I visited are just wonderful. It is not the same kind of beauty that we have in Indonesia. Comparing the palaces that Indonesia and the European countries have, I'd say the palaces in Europe are way prettier, the grand architecture and maintenance, I mean one is so European/Renaisaance style while the other is a typical Indonesian architecture. The palaces in Indonesia are more humble, low-key and close to the nature, we don't have so-high-celling palaces and castle is not that common, but we do have forts, during the Dutch colony.

Visto, Visa and Visa (American-English xP) I got my Visa ready, now I just need to get some immunizations shoots. My departure in on August 24, 2009 first to Singapore and will arrive at Waterloo on 25th. Will spend some days earlier before orientation starts on 29th, need some time to adjust with time difference. I still have around 8 weeks at home!

p.s: I have been home for almost three weeks and haven't bought local sim card, people are complaining about that. Yeah, yeah, pals, soon I will ...

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