Saturday, 2 July 2011

Behind Pramono Pramoedjo's Exhibition

Last Thursday (30/06/2011), I was offered by my father to see how an exhibition is prepared (to keep him company in the car and when he is helping his colleague organizing his exhibition). Pramono R Pramodjo is a great cartoonist mostly draws about politics, his name is so much related with Sinar Harapan Afternoon Daily Newspaper.

That was my first time to be involved in a real exhibition in one of the hippest malls in Jakarta, Grand Indonesia. His paintings criticize the immoral behaviors of the government and its auxiliaries. His works, I believe really represent the people's opinions about the country (Indonesia), it can be seen that Pramono uses point of view of the people on his drawings.

I was helping him sorting the paintings into 8 groups, as I remember there are international, corruption (geez, corruption is a title not a sub-title and it has the most drawing overall), domestic,povert and some others. We left the mall at 3 am in the morning, 8 hours before people are coming to the mall again.

The exhibition is held until July 8 2011 at Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia next to Palada Restaurant.

So drop by when you are around Grand Indonesia, take a look and see what is actually happening in our motherland, Indonesia.

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