Monday, 13 June 2011

Switzerland, What a Wonderful World!

This is an assortment of photos from the first country that I visited after my graduation, Switzerland. I just edited them last night, as the result of jet lag - I barely couldn't sleep, ended up editing them. I stayed with my great aunt, Oma Lydia, she is the my gran's youngest sister. She has lived in Zurich for 35 years, bankers, workaholic. She is a Swiss by the way (I wish I were)

The area of her house is so called Gold Coast, it has a German or Swiss German name of it, but I can't remember, something like... Let me google it.. I couldn't find it but nearby Kusnacht and Meilan, Zurich. I had the greatest time of my time in Zurich. Very relaxing.

The view from her balcony was just daring, illusive. Just to sit there talking with her, drinking a glass of red wine was a great pleasure. We did that almost every night.

I spent 6 days 5 night Zurich from May 25-30 . First had dinner with Oma and Om Marlon (his son, my uncle), second day went to the Zurich City, third day day met my friend Jesse in Luzern (it's a fairytail-like city, so beautiful), eventhough it was raining, fourth day hang out Augustin a first year from Switzerland who lives in Winterthour (apparently he had a birthday on 27th, he did invite me to celebrate his birthday because they were having a small concert, but I was out of reach) and we had lunch with her granny, delicious food, chicken mushroom, the fifth day I was having quality time with my gran, we went to a lakeside restaurant - I finally swam in the very clean Zurich lake and the next day in the morning I left Zurich.

I had the greatest time in Switzerland. Spending time with my gran, my friends, and the cities. The fact that the country is very tidy, organized, and its beauty is so picturesque and charming. The people are friendly too - they are polite, they speak really good English. Everywhere is so swanky and elegant.

You know that before I was driven crazy by Italy, I have been neutralized. I would still love to live in Italy kind of, however I am thinking about the Italian/French part of Switzerland, since I would take French(again) in the university, it's however Switzerland! Switzerland, I am all yours!!

Waiting for the grill to be ready - first day dinner

The view from the balcony

Some boats on the Zurich Lake, Zurich city

Luzern, the fairytale-like city

It was raining, oh

The Luzern lake

A feris wheel in Zurich in the afternoon

Augustin and his mummuPhotobooth

What an afternoon

Zurich lake swimming time!!

The so called romantic view at night

Unforgettably beautiful view

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