Friday, 17 June 2011

Un Petit Dinner

June 15, after waiting for the last arrivals from Bandung which are Lola and Githa's, a city 2 hours from Jakarta, we finally had a meet up - a dinner. We planned to eat at Loewe, apparently we were 12 lines waitlisted. Without thinking any longer, we moved to Penang Bistro, Singaporean/Malaysian foods, while Loewe is more like European.

As usual, we spent the hours talking, laughing, taking picture, flashbacking to highschool and yes, eating. High shcool is always my be my favorite time of life, and what makes it more special is having the best friends of your life!

Pretty complete (from left to right) Githa, Andri, Lola, Tia, Me, Audrey, Lintang was taking the picture.

Lintang is now in the picture. The drescode was high heels by the way. Tia was not wearing heels because she had a small surgery several days ago, she's tall anyway.


Seven oh Seven

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