Monday, 4 April 2011

I Miss Home

One of the consequences that I have to risk when I decided to come to UWC is to be away from home. Home does not only mean family, which is the most important part of its definition.

The city, Jakarta itself, everything in it: my friends, the entertainment facilities that it has, its environment: skyscrapers, cars, highway, houses - the people. It is chaotic yes, ask everybody who lives in a Megapolitan city they feel the same. But the city always knows how to win your heart, with the good and the bad it has. The bad even can make you laugh.

Traffic jam is just like having breakfast or lunch, it's a part of your life, you have to face it. Just like complaining when you eat something that doesn't taste so salty, at the end you have no options, just put the salt and continue eating.

I feel like posting this, because even-tough my ticket to Zurich has been booked (well basically my parents asked me to enjoy my own time and travel Europe) to visit my great-grandma - in the same time I would really love to be back home as soon as possible, knowing that I would love to share all the disappointments that I experienced here for the last 3 months from the college life, the happiness of finishing the IB course and the joy that I survive UWC. I would like to hug my mom, sleeping next to her telling stories, play around with my dad and my brother.

And in August I have to start a new life in the USA, more and more hundred-thousands miles away from Jakarta, from home, from mommy, daddy and Steve.

Jakarta, I hate to have this on-off relationship with you.

See you on 10th of June, unless I didn't shorten my Euro trip!

I will enjoy your night-light! And sunny-day!

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