Friday, 8 April 2011

(Not) Another Friday

I am planning of having an afternoon tea session while reading this newspaper, thing that I used to do at home

The printed version of my first profesional article in The Jakarta Post just arrived - ten days ago I remember my father posted a photo in our family group written "Two copies of JPs have been sent to UWCAd, will arrive in 10 days". And it arrived. It arrived actually on 6th, two days ago, but since I have been ill I didn't go out anywhere but staying in my room.

Dad sent me two copies of the posts. Right after I got it I texted him back basically asking how many copies my parents have back home, because I just gave a copy to my Photography teacher, Max, in case they don't have any left - I will keep the other one, because I really want to frame it. And know what my father said "Papa sudah frame, baru tadi ada tukang frame lewat di kantor (Dad has framed it, apparently there was just a frame-maker passing in front of my office." What a coincidence, no matter how far we are, as father and daughter we always have this kind of connection.

I have seen the online version, the PDF version but not the printed one. Indeed, there is this natural satisfaction of seeing the first professional writing that I produced. And it's huge, 2/3 of the first front Page of the Section 3 is my article and the photos I took. I am so happy for myself. This is just the beginning!

p.s: Gotta prepare for my Indonesian oral!


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  1. Bravissima!

    Sono contento per te!

    Sei uno di noi, i contributori di JP.... !


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