Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fool's Day

Annemarie tested the secret recipe of Prashant Coke


Cheers for Prashant Coke (left-right: Prashant, Pabel, Ravuth, Timmah, Emma and Zsolt)

The Young Economists and the teacher, Annemarie

The Jackpots!

Nobody's really being fooled, beside the article that I found that Vatican insists: Vatican Insists: David Must Wear Fig Leaf! Today has been full of fun. Opened with Mathematics class, waking up 10 minutes from class, arrived in class pretty early, thanks for my super-forward clock. And the fun begun. Second block was Economics, we had the class in Annemarie's house, our teacher. We made Prahsant Cola, and tested the recipe from our Chemists: Milos and Angus. Very interesting, feels like we are the real Economist. And Italian was very interesting, we learnt imperativo and how to write letters. Just found out that amore mio is always maschile, there is no such amore mia!

We had residence photo during the break - PLES Girl! The idea was cute, all of in our bathing clothes, holding shampoo, soaps and tooth pastes and brushes. Then I had free block, managed to send email to my great grandma who lives in Zurich, she invited me to visit her there right after closing ceremony. I also plan to visit Amsterdam, and Paris! Oui, oui..

Last block was Philosophy - we watched the King's Speech! Still related to the syllabus tho - the linguistic of philosophy. Right after the class finished, I rushed to the bus stop - I had planned to buy some clothes that were one sale. I was lucky tho, found out it was the last day. The shopkeeper said"Bene per andare oggi, perche domani tutto prendano via". You see, this is what I believe, I think I have this radar sixth-sense on sales and shopping.

I slept for like 3 hours after madrigal choir and photograpy - Friday is the fullest day for me. In the afternoon we practiced for the Saman Dance.

Today has been wonderful!
Nobody's fooled!

Abbracio grande,

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