Thursday, 31 March 2011

First of April

23:51 - nine minutes to April
Is it a yes?
April will move forward, it won't tolerate procrastination!

Thirty days, four days, the two years in a lifetime exam!
Be ready!

March is over. One of the most heart beating month, getting notifications from university. All of my university decisions are completed today. The result is: one acceptance, three waiting list and three rejections. Let's not talk about it. Whatever happens to me is the best decision, I believe everything happens for a reason, and there is always a lesson to learn. I'm still hoping for the best, through all the process and this fall: university life decision.

I am really happy today, I got an email that my article that was published in The Jakarta Post two weeks ago is going to be paid. The staff sent me a message asking my bank's account. This is the third salary in my life for the nineteen years. I remember the first one was from playing as a figuran in a movie Janji Joni, the second was the honor of working in The Central Bank of Indonesia and this one the third one is the highest of all - from writing. I really enjoyed writing and taking pictures.

I remember my first salary was only enough to buy a portion of noodle in Crystal Jade and the second one is two portions, very low. But this one, I think I can buy a new simple lense for my camera that has a better quality of noise removal and ISO. Woo-hoo!

Daddy told me "So keep on writing to earn your own money". I don't actually expect to be paid, the fact that I am a "newbie", and not even certificated from a journalism course or anything. But it is indeed a pleasure to be paid, obviously it will encourage me to write more and improve the quality of my writing.

The making of our photography page for yearbook.

My new lovely tiny cutey corner


Studying corner. I finally managed to pet the birds flying all around my desk.

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