Monday, 28 March 2011

Palazzo Te

Does anyone of you remember that this blog at some point was meant as a fashion blog, lately its fashion label has not functioned properly far I mostly post stories about me and my camera, call it more a Photography blog. And here people are not that into camera, unlike back home, me and my friends just now whatever occasions we have, dressing up is really important and if one brings camera we should take picture like crazy in a day - usually must be more than 200 photos. Call us crazy. In Duino, it just feels award to ask someone taking a picture of myself moreover if the person does not really know what kind of picture that I want and afterward I am going to put it to my blog - in the same time using tripod is way too narcissist.

These are the pictures from Mantova taken by my prima from Latvia, Ludmila. I assume she knows that I love to be in the picture where I can pose like whatever I want to. And voila, here are the photos.

p.s: I remember one of my boyfriend criteria is "takes candid pictures of me or
good at photography".

what I wear: Terranova coat, checked scarf, SATCAS asymmetric top, black tights, Pink Batik bag, Black flower ring and Salamander Oxford Shoes.

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