Tuesday, 21 December 2010


People love to be noticed. I love it too, but it is more than just being noticed - being confident and comfortable. They can get along. You wear something that makes you feel comfortable, your soul feels good and yourself indeed feel good too, it will at the end boost your confidence.

I need two stuffs that will make me feel that way, not that help me, because I think I already feel those ways but, never get enough. Let's call it wish list for Winter 2011.

I have a pair Oxford shoes, only a pair and that's not enough! I need more. I just love Oxford shoes, geez! You have no idea how I always stop whenever I see any kind of classy oxford, I gotta connection with Oxford shoes.

And the other one is furry coat. I have not found the one that really "calls" me - still trying. Hope am getting one this December, next week I gotta go round mia citta, Jakarta and find them. Me likey when it is about hunting things that I have craved for!

Hey you later!

photo sources: sea of shoes

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